Monday, October 18, 2010

Save the Date: Put it On Your Fridge

I know, I know, I need to make up my mind. We're running out of time to get these STDs done (or umm started).

Unfortunately, I'm horrible about making up my mind! I change it daily about all this saving the date buisness. I'm kind of worried I'll end up just turning out crap because I've waited so long to get this done and I'll just have to make something rather than have nothing. Eep.

Okay, all those negative worrysome thoughts aside (where they belong), here's what crazy hair brained scheme I've cooked up now: Save The Date Magnets!

I know, I know, its not a new idea; people have been doing it forever, but for some reason, I never considered it until now. If I was being totally honest, I'd let you know that I'd never considered it until two days ago when I actually had a dream about Save the Dates. . . yes, I'm that obsessed.

Regardless of how the idea occurred to me; now I'm kind of smitten with it! I mean, what does a person do when they get an important STD in the mail? Put it on their fridge!

And of course, since I'm totally a VIP, people would totally find a magnet to stick mine on the fridge, but this way we're including those poor folks that don't have spare magnets lying around.

No, you don't have to take down your Survivor Pool off your fridge to use that magnet to hold up my STD or take down Little Jimmy's first A to put Mr.G and I front and center. Why you ask? Because my STD will all ready be a magnet! What could be more convenient than that (besides the ability to both eat and sleep at the same time)?

So, without further adu, here's some Magnetic Save the Date Eye Candy for you. . . and for me, because I swear I'm going to figure this thing out soon.

These first few are all from Totally Wedding Magnets. Visit their site to see plenty more options.
I really want to add a calendar somewhere because, hello (!), people better be Sharpie-ing us in on their calendar, so the next one has that covered.

Despite the fact that it looks like Kelly and Derek are posing for a high school yearbook photo (I mean, does that pose look natural at all to anyone? I don't think so), I like the design of the next one.
Okay, maybe I was too hard on Kelly, its not that bad of a pose.

Anyway, these next few are from Magnet Street Weddings. Again, visit their site for a ton more options. I also ordered a sample from these guys, and the quality was great, FYI.

Anybody else make Fridge Worthy STDs? Is there actual proof that they've made it onto someone's* fridge?

*Your mom's doesn't count.