Friday, October 22, 2010

Outta my way! It's time for flowers!

I don't have much time to talk. Why? Well because I'm meeting with our florist, Sandy tomorrow morning! Tomorrow morning, you say?! That's not very far away, you say?! No, no it isn't. Freak out!

Sandy asked me to bring her inspiration photos for my bouquet and the BM bouquets. . . oh and perhaps the centerpieces too . . . so I was all, "yeah, sure, no problem." And have I gotten pictures together? Of course not.

What do I want in a bouquet? That's a hard question to answer because, honestly, I'm almost too excited at the idea of my bouquet that I can barely decide. I have all kinds of bouquet dreams swimming in my head. I love flowers, I mean love love love flowers so how could anybody expect me to narrow down my love into one perfectly shaped and sized bouquet. But, what I told Sandy, although I'm pretty sure I didn't sound too confident, is a white and green bouquet. There should be white flowers, lots of greenery, and plenty of texture. Oh, and no roses. Word. Wait, and no Calas. Well, maybe calas. Wait, again! Maybe add some blue hydrangeas too. There's not a whole lot of blue flowers, which kind of messes with our color scheme, but I looove hydrangeas!

I'm not sure that makes sense, and that's why photos are needed so get outta my way, I have inspiration to collect. I'm going to share like a billion images so get ready for a photo heavy post!

These first few come from The Knot.

The next one was posted by arubagirl on the WeddingBee Boards.
This next one blows my mind. The texture, the long exposed stems, oh the prettiness! It was posted on the Boards as well by member starbright333.

The next few come from Sprout. If you're looking for inspiration, they have a lot of cool stuff over there! I'm so excited I found this blog (via Google search - yeaaaah) because these are exactly want I want (. . . I think). Green, white, maybe a little blue? Check! Texture all over the place? Check. Oh, and my favorite thing ever, exposed stems? Double check!

This next one is amazing, I mean, its too much yellow for me, but I love it. How much do I love it? I kinda just want to bury my face it in. Whoops - was that too personal? Visit the Steven Bruce Design Blog to see more. His stuff is off the wall and just gorgeous.

Okay, I know what you all are thinking, only one BM bouquet in that whole lot? What a selfish Giraffe! Yeah, you guys might be right ;-). No, but really, I'm kind of hoping that the bridemaids will have smaller versions of my bouquet.

Okay, so I realize I have like a bazillion photos. Is a bazillion too many? How about a bazillion minus one?

What did you tell your florist you wanted your bouquet to look like? And, more importantly so I don't look like a doof, how many photos did you bring with you?