Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do we really need a good Photographer?

In our case, the answer is yes.

You see, when we were trying to budget for this shindig originally, we had not allocated that much for photography. Well, that's not really true; I had allocated what I thought was a lot of money, but when my cash got converted into wedding dollars, it really wasn't that much.

Here's the thing folks. . . we decided that it was worth putting more money into photography. Not only is it our wedding day with details we'll want to remember, but we also want some nice photos of us.

Photography is a hobby of mine, so I'm usually the one taking pictures (of everything), and never in them.

Another thing about me? Wellllll, this giraffe is a bit of a ham. Seriously. Most photos we have of me, aren't the uhhh 'nicest' you could say.

They mostly look a little like this:

Or like this . . .
Okay, don't believe me? Maybe they're a little like this:

If its any consolation to you, hive, I think I've always been this way.

So what's a giraffe to do when she finds her true ridiculous self showing through is all her photos? Well, its a good thing the giraffes decided to re-budget the budget. Do you think that there could be such a photographer(s) that could turn that ham into well, something a little more classy?

Truth be told: there is! But you'll have to wait to find out more!

Any other brides a little ridiculous, but tying to class it up? Is it even possible!


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