Sunday, October 31, 2010

Must Have: Photobooth

One thing I knew about our reception is that I had to have a photobooth. I know that its going to be really hard to actually let other people besides myself in it for four hours, but I guess I can share.

I knew I had to have one as soon as I saw Mrs.Cupcake's photos. (All photos come from Cupcake's recap posts - yes, I've been following the bee for that long!).

I think Cupcake made me fall in love with the idea of a photobooth because I really hadn't see one at many weddings (online that is, I have yet to see one in person), and it just seemed so fun and excited!

The downside to a photobooth? It can be pricey, but Mr. G and I have worked one into the budget. Do you want to know how? Two ways!

1) Research! I created a giant spreadsheet of all the Chicago Photobooth Vendors I could find. I've shared it with many a hive member via the boards, but download it yourself: here. (The chart is mostly priced for 4-hour booths since that is what we were looking for, if you go to most of the companies websites, you can find 6 or other hour packages).

2) Digital photo booth.
It was a hard decision (for me, Mr. G says no one would notice) if we should have a classic photobooth like one you'd see at a mall or a digital one. I really wanted a classic booth (since they're as fly as Mark McGrath), but we could save $200-$300 by having a digital one.
We ended up going digital, but only after Mr. G spent a very long time telling me that it would be okay. I mean, I guess he's right. Guests will still get photos, and I'll get the booth I want!

We were looking for a 4 hour booth because our reception will be 5.5 hours long. We didn't want to upgrade to a 6 hour package, because why pay if we won't be there that long? All in all, we ended up booking a photo booth through Spinnin' Discs (who we've also hired our DJ through) because, not only were they the best deal, but even though we're renting the booth for 4 hours, they're letting us have it for 5 and will close it during dinner. This is so great because we figured we'd have so much wasted time during dinner.

Anybody else fall in love with photobooths almost instantly?