Monday, July 27, 2009

Unique Wedding Gift? Part 2.

I was surfing online and found yet another unique gift that would work for a unique couple. I realize that not everyone would love it, but if everyone else planning to get married is as quirky as I am, then maybe this key rack should have a home.
Found here at the Curiosity Shoppe, the mustach key holder can be a great little addition for couples who are organizing their space. . . or couples that are a little silly (because that's okay too).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unique Wedding Gift? Yes Please!

So, if you have friends getting married and want to get them something a little different, but something definitely awesome, I would get them this amazing bookshelf from Fusca Design (They also have a similar one perfectly sized for cds). It's cute and trendy - definitely the perfect offbeat gift for the hip offbeat couple. . . or for myself. (image source)

Anybody else looking for trendy gifts?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Retro is the New Black

So on the Offbeat Bride Blog recently, I read about a 1940's themed wedding, and the photos are very very hip! They are lovely! The whole bridal party coordinated the look. I highly recommend checking out the photos.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what I would choose to do if I wanted to have an era wedding. I would choose the 1950's easily because I looooove the 50's. I would also wear this beautiful dress.
In fact, I would wear that dress for a normal wedding. It is GORGeous. I found it at Unique Vintage online store. Seriously though, that site has so many dresses that just make my heart stop. They are so pretty and so drool worthy. If I had extra money (and a reason to wear them) I would probably buy a dozen dresses from them.

Oh, and for my hypothetical 50's wedding? My bridesmaids wold be next to me, looking fantastic in 50's dresses as well.
Hellos Beautiful!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trash the Dress

What is Trash the Dress (TTD), you ask? I found a pretty good explanation from Jojie Alcantara's photography web site. (See the site & a totally gorg TTD gallery here)

'“Trash the dress", sounding like a negative connotation, exactly means what it says. It is a post-wedding shoot in which the bride, in a seemingly reckless ritual, bids farewell to her wedding gown which probably cost a fortune, and succumbs to a pictorial that defies your traditional, comfortable shoot. Sometimes, the groom joins in on the fun. After a traditional ceremony, the couple gets a more memorable pictorial of themselves in the most unlikely of places.'

The photos that come out of these sessions are usually unbelievable. I think that's because it's so 'crazy' to be in these totally unconventional situations in your wedding dress. Wedding dresses are so pretty normally, so they're pretty (prettier?) in TTD situations!

Anyway I never thought I'd be a TTD girl, but there's one specific photo, that could change my mind. Found on the Trash the Dress website archives (a few months back), it'll make you fall in love.I know, there are really no words for the photo . . . except maybe perfect? :) Anyway this photo was taken by Ash Imagery. Great job, guys!

Now I just need to live by a beach so I can get my TTD on, yo!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Love Me Some Calligraphy!

I found the Love, Jenna blog today and it features some unbelievable calligraphy! It made me swoon and I felt like I had no choice but to share!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Save the . . . Envelope?

So people get STDs in the mail all the time, right? And us future brides to be are known to spend hours drooling over hip and lovely ones on the internet, right? I'm sure it's all completely normal...

Even if its not normal, I have found an STD that blew me away. Few STDs have made me swoon like this one. It's one of the first STDs that I've seen that I've instantly fallen in love with.

The problem? I don't really like the actual Save The Date card. . . The cars doesn't do anything for me. Sure, I guess it looks nice, but I think it's just really not my style.

What makes it so amazing, then? The Envelopes! And it's so simple; I don't know why I never thought about it before, yo! I can't believe I've never even considered this idea.

The envelopes look to be standard business size (props for breaking out of the standard postcars/invite size) and they're made of vellum. The big kicker? The labels! The couple had an affliction for New Mexico (where they met) so the designer ordered vintage New Mexico maps off of ebay, and printing address on them so they could function as labels. Mmmm!

Commence drooling now! (Also, enjoy the full STD post, with more photos, here.)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fonts in the Budget

I know there are bajillions of free fonts out there that any bride to be can use to fuel her invitation & nuptial stationary whims, but sometimes it's worth it to shell out a little moolah. Now, being the cheap thrify person I am, I normally wouldn't buy a font when I could find one for free, but for those brides-to-be with a little more wiggle room in the budget, I have a suggestion for you!

Head on over to and download Wedding Wishes BV. It's only $22.00 . . . which could be four footlongs from Subway (excluding the Chicken Bacon Ranch of course). But, when it's "for the wedding", whose counting the dollars? Haha.

Anyway, the Wedding Wishes BV could be used on all sorts of printed wedding materials. . . stds, invites, menus, or whatever else you can dream up!

Take a look for yourself! (image source)
I personally like the two doves together in the second row.

Anybody else find any good wedding fonts to buy?

One STD to Smile About!

I saw this STD on the gallery section of one of my favorite blogs, Weddingbee.
The user who uploaded the photo was Godzilla9505.
I thought it was too cute and wanted to share. View the original here. I love how couples personalize their stationary to match their personalities :).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Can't Belize You!

Soooo I bought the new Modern Bride today (for $6, but a subscription is $10 - I think I'll have to order) specially because of the tag "50 best Honeymoons" on the cover. Despite the fact that Mr.TB and I have a whopping 2 years 1 year & 10 months to the wedding (go long engagement brides!), we have a pretty good idea of most of the things we want (except the daily changing flower ideas). The one thing we had no idea (or vaguely disagreeing ideas) about was the honeymoon. With a lot of planning time to go, why not start looking now?

My only requirement: Beach. Mr.TB hasn't done much traveling at all so he doesn't know what he wants. His favorite thing to do is rock climb and enjoys the outdoorsy things so I was hoping there would be a place for us that caters to both our interest. I like the outdoors too, but doing mostly water things like snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, etc. I don't get to do much of this in the Midwest, so it'd be great for me to have fun on the Moon and to have TB get to be his outdoorsy self!

Enter the 50 Best Honeymoons! The amazing #24 on the list is the beautiful country of Belize, which I hadn't known too much about until now. You can take an inner tube tour through it's river cave or hike to 1,000 foot waterfall. You can snorkel surrounded by turtles, shakes, and fish. Love? I think so!

Believe it or not, Belize has a lot of little islands that you can take a boat too and a lot of affordable places to stay. Of course, I'm looking to splurge a little. But photos from the Belize Legacy Beach Resort are making me swoon an awful lot!

And ummm, hello Honeymoon suite!!