Friday, October 29, 2010

Photoshop Fun: Black & White Effects

Okay team, I know we've all ready talked about Illustrator a bit, but it seems like a whole bunch of people around this Hive have photoshop so we're going to dive a little bit into that as well.

Today's tip is perfect for beginners since it's super super easy. We're going to learn how to make those black and white, but not all the way, wedding photos. Umm, yeah, that's totally the technical term. Like this:

Before we begin: All screen shots come from Photoshop CS4 on a Mac. Once again, things are comparable to a PC. Also, there are quite a few different ways to this and I know people totally prefer different ways, but I'm trying to explain it in the easiest and least complicated/technical way. Word.

1) Open the photo you wish to use. I recommend making an extra copy of your image on your hardrive first, just in case. I'll be using a Kate Hudson Bride Wars photo from here hehehe.

3) To do this, you image has to be in RGB color mode. You can always change it to CMYK when it's done, but to put it in RGB, choose Image (Up at the top) > Mode > RGB.

2) Choose Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. You'll see your photo loose its color after clicking this.
3) Chose your history brush tool (key command: Y) by clicking on the icon. Set your hardness to 0.
That's what the icon looks like.

4) Use the brush to begin 'painting' the area that you want in color.
5) Keep paint until you have all the color you want! It's easier to zoom in sometimes to get a closer look while you're 'painting'.
And that's it! See, so easy!

Who else loves Photoshop? Any idea for future tips?

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