Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off to Save the Date!

Wedding trouble never hangs around,
when it hears these wedding bells sound,
Here I come to save the date!
That means that Mighty Giraffe is on the way!
Yes sir, when there is a dress to bustle,
Mighty Giraffe will join the tussle!
At the church or with the wedding band,
She's got the situation well in hand!

Okay so maybe the song didn't quite go like that, but that Mouse seemed to do it all! (source)

I bet if Mighty Mouse was trying to plan a wedding, he'd have his STDs figured out.

See, here's the thing, hive, I am completely incapable of making up my mind about pretty much anything (wedding related especially). Mr. Giraffe keeps reminding me that I need to get our STDs figured out and soon. See, I had finally decided that I wanted a photo save the date. Granted, that seems like a small decision since I have yet to decide on what I want them to look like (besides thinking that I had all ready figured it out).

The trouble is, our STDs need to be ready to go next month, and one month is not a very long time. It seems like even less when, oh, I haven't even started to design them, and we have to fit printing time in there as well. I try not to think about the fact that I'll need to order envelopes and collect addresses too (because if I do, I might freak out just a little).

And even more trouble? Well, my decision of doing photo STDs? Well, we're still waiting on our E-Pics from our photogs, and we're still waiting on our teaser shots from them too. See, those photos are going to be super rock start super awesome when we receive them, but until then, I think Mr. G is right when he says we should have a back up STD ready just in case we don't get photos in the next month.

So now, after looking at a bajillion photo STDs, I'm now collection inspiration for non photo STDs. Here are a few of my favorites.



Did anyone else choose to do non photo STDs? Care to share? Because I could use some more inspiration ;-)!