Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll admit it . . . I'm bad at waiting.

What's that you ask? Waiting? Well, waiting for our engagement shots for sure! It hasn't even been that long, and its our photog's busy season, and they had to shoot a 2 day super busy Indian wedding the day before we had our shoot.

At the end of our day the wonderful Millers were all "It'll be a few weeks until your photos were up."

And you know what I said? Do you know?!? I said, "That's cool. No rush."

No rush?
. . .
No rush?!?

What was I thinking?! I should've reminded myself that secretly I'm a crazy person. We all know its true. After seeing a few photos view the screen of the Miller's camera as the day went on, I just know our photos are amazing. And I'm dying to see them! I can't take it anymore! Ahhhh! Seriously, I need to pull myself together.

At least I know it'll be worth the wait!
That's a screen shot of all the 'coming soon' sections on the Miller's website. Oh man, I so excited I can barely stand it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twine Time

So, I have decided I need to buy baker's twine for future wedding crafts. What are those future crafts, you ask? Welllll, I honestly have no idea, but I've convinced myself that that little tidbit of information is completely irrelevant. Word.

What does that mean? Well, that I have to buy it now of course, even though I have no idea what I'll do with it. I might have some sort of idea. I'm dying to use it wrap around our invites all M. Stewart like, but I feel like I can't make a decision to do that in the future when, currently, I have no idea what the invitations will look like. (Yeah, that's on the future to do list).

I found little groups of yards of twine on Etsy for $1. I even found 100 yards for $6.95. That seems like a good, deal. . .right? Well, not exactly. I mean 100 yards sounds like a lot, but what if I need like 2 feet for each invite? Yeah not going to happen.

So I did some looking, being the smart (cough -cheap- cough) girl I am. (Images all found from linked websites).

Pack n Seal has large cones of 4 ply cotton bakers twine. The color options (with white) are blue, red, green, brown, and black. Being the crazy person I am, I couldn't commit because although the brown would be perfect, I really wanted blue and this blue wasn't the right shade of blue. A cone here costs $12.89 (discount if you buy more than 5) and is a whopping 9,072 feet. Wowza.

Moving on, Packaging Superstore offers the same 2 pound cones of twine as Pack n Seal (they even have the same photo on the website). They do have it for $12.86, though. . . and think of everything you could do with those 3 cents. Don't spend it all in one place, y'hear?

Bliss Wedding Market has a cuter photo than the other two (because that seriously makes a difference, right?), but the price isn't nearly is good. They're offering only 20 yards of twine for $7.99. It's not that good of a deal, but they do have a red, white, & blue color option that's kind of adorable.

Then, of course, there's my old stand by, Amazon. You can get a whopping 3,360 yards from Burke Supply for $19.40. Dropping nearly $20 on twine seems a little ridiculous. Well, maybe its more ridiculous that I actually considered the idea. Thank goodness its only red and white otherwise, another $20 would be out the window.

Divine Twine actually looks pretty popular, and by popular I mean it seems to get a lot of use on the interwebs.

Each spool is 4 ply, 100% cotton, and 240 yards in length.

Spools are $15 each, which is quite a bit more than the other websites I had looked at (for how much you get).

There is a good reason to go with Divine Twine, though! They have colors available that I hadn't found anywhere else, like super super cute colors. Need that perfect aqua blue to match your invites or green apple for your STDs? Yup, you'll find it with Divine. They have 8 cute colors to choose from.

So what's the answer to these twine troubles?
Enter: Country Clean Paper supplies. Why yes, that photo is a two pond cone of
baby blue and white bakers twine. For $8.95, you can buy 3,400 yards of twine in a variety of colors (including blue and baby blue!). Hooray! At first, I was a little worried because of the banner and kind of strangely set up website that the place wouldn't be legit, but I dug around a little more and found quite a few bloggers that had ordered twine from said web site. Count me in!

Anybody else determined to get some twine?!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Cause You Can't Get Enough of this Mug!

Here's a good idea (especially if people love looking at your face), how about a custom stamp of you and your fiance to stamp on just about everything?! (found here on etsy, same source for image)

Yes, that's exactly right. I, of course, would like one just of me giving a thumbs up and winking. . . Granted, I'm not sure how much use I would get out of it. Even though I could stamp it on all my proofs at work and write "Miss Giraffe Approved", I don't think my stick in the mud boss would like it.

So I guess one of me & Mr. G would be a better choice! Think of all the possibilities: Invites, STDs, Menus, Envelopes. . .

Talk about personalized wedding invitations ;-).

Has anybody stamped their face on the invitations? Please say yes!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

E Shoot Planning: Part 3

So TB and I had our engagement shoot with the amazing Millers of Miller + Miller photography. It was one of the best days we've ever had, legit, but more on that later ;-). I had been looking forward to that shoot forever and planning was half the battle!

So rewind. . .
One weekend, I visited TB for the weekend and we decided to do a little shopping. I had been on the hunt for an E Shoot dress for a while, but I had been mostly online shopping, and sometimes I forget how different dresses look in person. We grabbed Quiznos, and Shoe Carnival was next door so we (read: me) had to stop. I was determined to get my first pair of heels for the shoot (mentioned here actually, but form Famous Footwear.) Of course, I'd need to try on the shoes to see if I could even handle a heel.

Welllllll, no heels, but I found a cute pair blue of flats on super sale for $9 that I bought and been wearing practically every day since. Okay, now that I was carrying around those little blue shoes, we walked around the store. I got excited to see new Chuck Taylor's because they have the best artwork, of course, and new cute designs come out all the time. Mr. TB had an amazing idea. I know I said he doesn't wear Chuck's, but he made an exception just this once.

We got the best Chuck T's of all time.

Enter: the black, white, and red shoot (also called: our casual shoot).

Yes, yes, yes! That is exactly right! Those Chucks have "I heart . . . ." and a dotted line. I got the high tops, TB got the low tops (bogo!) and we decided to write each other's names on the shoes :). It sounds cheesy and lovey and gross, but I personally think you're totally aloud to be cheesy on an E Shoot! I mean, when else people, when else?!

Not to brag, but a few weeks after we bought these, I paused my TiVo to see Ali wearing the on the Bachelorette. (Her dotted line was blank though, I wonder why hehe). Actually, come to think of it, I don't think most people write on their shoes.

I went to Michael's and bought a paint marker to write on TB's shoes and did his first. I tried to make my handwriting look as much like Cooper Black as possible, because that's the font the letter "I" was in.

Mr.TB's shows we in progress in that shot :). Our Photogs took some great shoe shots, and I can't wait to see them!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Hate Jewlery

No really, I do.

I feel like pieces of bracelets and necklaces will wrap themselves so tight around me that I will loose circulation and then lose a head or a limb. Seriously.

It's ridiculous, but I never wear it (nor do I own any). I do however have an engagement ring that I wear everyday. I don't know why I'm okay with that ring, when the thought of a ring on any other finger freaks me out and makes me feel soft of uncomfortable, but whatever. I think it's because of what it means and maybe because TB is awesome. My mom says that when TB told her that he was going to propose her first thought was, "Oh no. . . MC won't wear a ring. . .". (To be perfectly honest, I had never planned on wearing one. I hated the idea until I got mine).

Anway, this all beside the point, but, moving on, my mom says I have to wear a necklace with my wedding dress. She says I have to! (And I hate the idea of course, but I think she's just trying to work the 'something borrowed' in because I don't want to borrow aunt paula's old underpants ven if shes says they are blue and will cover two bases that way.)

That being said, I found this on etsy, and its in out wedding colors. Word.
Mom never said what kind of necklace she wanted me to wear, right :)?


Sunday, July 11, 2010

And then some!

Okay some those ellipse bowls from yesterday? Well, here's the other matching beauties from Crate and Barrel that I need.

Sigh. . .Lovely :)
I'm totally obsessed with those plates. I sent them to TB with an email simply titled "WANT" hahaha. I have to put them in my hypothetical new kitchen where they can be happy together, next to those bowls!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Helllllllllo Elispe!

So TB and I haven't made our registry, but we'll get around to it eventually. I was worried about registering too early seeing as we have a billion year engagement (approximately). I was worried that if we did it too early, by the time people were looking at it, everything would be old/discontinued.

Anyway, we'll probably register Decemberish, but I'm not worried about that. I know that I want to register at Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond. Bed Bath is the best for all those little things that we don't have (like spatulas, crock pot, everything that has a red 'as seen on tv' sticker on it).

But why Crate and Barrel?! Why?! This is why!!!!!!

Helllllllllllllo georgous! Those are the 3 Ellipse Bowls available at Crate and Barrel. . . and I need them all. I love them, love them!! And one day, eventually, they will be in my kitchen! I almost wish we were all ready registering ;-) just so they could be on my list now!