Monday, January 26, 2009

Briar Press Free Ornaments

So at the Briar Press Website, there is a section that offers free "ornaments" for download! And there are 500 some available for (again: FREE) download.

I think these would be a great help for a bride trying to DIY her own invitations or wedding stationary. Some could also be helpful for DIYing custom monograms. (image source)

And this one is my personal favorite :).

This next one is just lovely! I think it might have to make its way into our Save the Dates!
Anybody else find anything good to download, for free?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cute! I love cake toppers!

Trust me, I fully intend to dedicate a post to cake toppers and the many many reasons why I love them (not to mention the hundreds of options that are available). There are no words to describe the love I have for them and all their cuteness!

But for now, I just want to share this with everyone. Adorable, no? It seems like so many people think about doing bird themed weddings. This could be totally appropriate.

I found it searching on etsy (which I also love!).
Get one for yourself here!

And if that wasn't enought, seller emiliefriday has another color option available. I'm sure (s)he would probably do custom color choices too. Okay, I just checked. Emiliefriday does do custom orders for a possible additional cost.

Bouquet? Shmoquet!

So I was catching up on Offbeat Bride and it showcased a couple who did their entire wedding in a blue and black theme. The bride pulled a SJP and even chose a black dress, but it did have a blue sash and actually looks stunning.

One of the most impressive things was what the bride chose to carry as a bouquet. Using tinsel and blue ornaments, she created her own bouquet that, according to Offbeat Bride, actually lit up. It kind of made me swoon.

Feel free to check out the flickr stream for more impressivness.

Welcome to the blog! It's official! Wedding Web Notes, here I come!

Hello fellow web readers! Now that I have started wedding planning, I decided the best way to document everything and share with everyone was to create a blog!! I follow a ton of wedding blog weekly and daily! I'll post a list of the blogs up for everyone to see (and to help me keep track too, I suppose).

I'm probably going to put up a few posts today because I'm so excited about having a blog, but I'll try to update a few/couple times a week once I get into it.

I'm in the Chicago land area and am currently planning a wedding in the south suburbs of the city. I'm about 45 minutes south of Chi-town, and the future Mister is 30 min north so it works out quite well.

I got my blog template here: But I found some adorable ones here as well. It was a tough choice, I assure you!