Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bee's Life: Giraffe Style

I remember reading the Becoming a Bee Series way back when, and crossing my fingers that maybe in like, oh, eight years or so I would get to write one too*. Now, I'm like dance-party excited because I get to share my story with you! I encourage you guys to read the archived posts because they're so interesting and fun. They're a great way to get to know the Bees better.

*This wasn't an accurate timeline at all, I was just impatient.

How did I find Weddingbee?
About a month before Mr. Giraffe and I got engaged, my head was all ready dreaming up our wedding. I knew he asked my parents, he and I had talked about getting married, and well, I suspected he had gone ring shopping.

See, I needed to know more about weddings because I was starting to obsess with them. It was a closet obsession though, because I surely wasn't going to buy a wedding magazine if I wasn't engaged! What did I do? I turned to the internet.

I spent way more time then I should have on the Yahoo! Answers site in the Wedding section of the forums. I remember answering and asking questions and getting giddy at the idea of all these internet people who wanted to talk wedding as much as I did. I knew there had to be a better place to talk wedding, so I turned to Google. I joined one major wedding website, posted one innocent question on their message boards and got some very mean and rude responses. I mean, the Yahoo folks were mostly whiney and 16 year olds asking if they were too young to get married, but at least they were nice . . . So I headed back to Google.

It was then that I found myself stumbling upon this post by the wonderful Cherry Blossom (I still remember the exact post because it was so amazing). I was totally intrigued. The only blog I had followed before may have been Perez Hilton, but I was hooked!

Why Blog?
I knew I wanted to blog for Weddingbee, but I also knew I had to wait until we were 8 months away from our W date. I made a blog in January 2009 and blogged on and off until it got closer to the day and then I decided to buckle down. It's not easy to ready Weddingbee for 2 years just wishing you could apply! I wanted to blog for the Bee because I felt I had a lot to say that other Bees hadn't yet, I'll get more into that later, but when I start reading there weren't very many long engagement brides, or other girls trying to plan their wedding while being a bridesmaid at the same time. I just have a lot to say, and well, this Giraffe loves to talk. I also knew I was planning a DIY-palooza, and to be perfectly honest, I wanted to share my projects and get called awesome maybe once or twice. Hey, I said I was being honest :-D.

After I applied, I was seriously going crazy checking my inbox, but take my advice guys, a week and a half isn't a long time. Relax! Pengy will get back to you, she's super cool like that.

Choosing the Long Necked Wonder:
Y'know, Mr. Giraffe didn't pick the giraffe for us, but I went and choose it anyway :-). I mean, I talk big, but I am just so awkward and I think giraffes are too. I feel like we have things in common. I mean, my head is all ready in the clouds most of the time, and giraffes are all ready up there by default.

On Blogging for The Bee:
Oh man, blogging? I can honestly say that I love it! I mean, its almost embarrassing how much I love it. No really, it is embarrassing; I mean, I wasn't planning on admitting this ever (Mr. G doesn't even know), but I was so excited I even took a screenshot of this tweet of Pengy's showing up in my Twitter feed. Um, its for the scrapbook, I swear.

A Tip from Miss Giraffe:
I'll tell you right now folks, I'm weird; not only that, but I'm a little obnoxious and even more ridiculous. I say things that don't make sense, and try to make references that sometimes only see funny to me. . .
But that's okay!

No really, my biggest tip is to be yourself. A blog is no fun (okay, its only moderately fun) without personality, so make sure to give yours some. Don't go crazy though (unless that's really your personality which means you and I would get along great), because it would be hard to keep up blogging in a voice that isn't your own - So really just bee yourself!

So if you're thinking about applying . . . do it! For realsies, yo!