Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why the Hive is the Bob-omb!

Get it, Bob-omb? Bomb? A super outdated '90s phrase? What more could you want?!

So remember a little while ago when I showed you all some super crazy, but super awesome Mario Cakes? Well, if you don't remember, or even if you do, here's a few new ones to remind you all how fantastic it is to combine both weddings and geekiness. (source 1, source 2, source 3)

The amazing (not to mention totally talented!) Littlelynx commented on that blog post that she should share her Bob-omb brownies that she makes. You can imagine my total happiness and surprise when I found that she had posted them on the Boards. Visit the post for her recipe and instructions (just scroll down a little). Okay, are you ready for this? I can't hold it in any longer! They're perfect!

I know, right?! So freaking cute! I'm like trying to find the right words to describe how much I love them. Would saying I would, like, rub them all over my face, totally cross a line? Probably... Anyway! They look just like the "real" thing, don't they? (source)
So, if you're having a Mario cake, I think you've all found your favors!!

Anybody else have something amazingly geeky that would be perfect for a wedding? Obscure question, I know, but I can't help it! Nerdy things make me happy!