Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Fridge Can't Fit in a Mail Box

Okay, Hive, stop and think for a second. You know all those super cute magnet STDs that we talked about last time and are all over the wedding world? Well, how do you send them to your guests?

I mean, surely you can't stick a magnet to a fridge and then pop that sucker in the mail box. Image how much postage you would need!

If we choose to go with a magnet STD (which is the way I'm currently leaning, and have been for 3 days now which is currently a record), I think I have an idea of how we'll send them, but I think its a legitimate question to ask. I mean, you can just drop the magnet into an envelope, smack an address on top, and send it on its way. Can you?

Magnet Street Weddings has "carrier cards" that coordinate with the magnet STDs you can purchase from them.

I'll show you an idea of what I thought was really cool, though. A Bride posted her STDs on the Mint Design Blog. This bride combined the best of both worlds by creating a large 'normal' sized STD with a matching magnet. The magnet was made extra cute by tucking it into a vellum coin envelope. Don't believe my word about the cuteness? Well here, see for yourself.

Has anybody found a good way to package/send your STDs? Please share!