Monday, October 11, 2010

Glog much?

In my best interest to keep all you bee hip and cool and pop and fresh, I'd like to introduce you all to something called Glogster. I first surfed onto Glogster quite a while ago, by accident, and hadn't really thought about it until I saw a post on the boards where a member was making real cute 'inspiration collages' I guess you could call them. They were like inspiration boards but with fun backgrounds and accents.

This made me immediately think of that website I had briefly seen before. Naturally I spent hours (not a waist of time, hopefully) googling things like "digital scrapbook page" and "digital collage" trying to find said page because I know other brides-to-be would just loooove to use it for planning (well, hopefully, if I had remembered the site correctly). After a while, I finally found a site that had a list of links, and one was the link which I had been serarching for! *cue victorious music*

Enter: Glogster

Gloster is a website where you can sign up for a free account and make a Glog. A Glog is like an interactive, digital scrapbook page. It has a ton of clip art-y images to use, and a ton of text boxes that can be added to your Glog and then you can change all the colors (into your wedding colors, of course). You can also link to any images on the web, and add fun frame around those images. Bonus: if you post your Glog to your blog, for example, since the Glogs are interactive, hovering over the photos will cause them to enlarge themselves for you to see.

You can also print you Glogs and make them public or private (so only the person you give the address to can see them). They can be posted to Facebook, Wordpress, Blogger, and a million other social networks.

I think it may have been destined for highschoolers because of the "emo" categories and abundance of cheesy shapes, but it still fun. I can picture brides creating Glogs to show tehir wedding "vision" and then emailing them to vendors, and printing them out to share with well, anybody that will listen, I guess

So, keeping the hive in mind, of course, I spent way to long on Glogster creating a glog to share with you all so you could see how it works.

Anybody Glog much? Really, I'm curious to know! Anybody else going to give it a shot?