Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organizing your Bookmarks!

Now, I like to read and often use bookmarks. I mean how else will I remember my page? (image source)

Same thing goes for the web pages I visit; I mean, I occasionally bookmark a page here or there. . . Unless it comes to wedding inspiration, then nothing can stop me. I bookmark pages like no body's buisness. Anything that can remotely relate to my upcoming wedding or the future upcoming wedding of a friend of mine that's bound to get engagement are married sometime within the next five years gets instantly thrown into a giant pile of bookmarks in my Firefox.

I'm pretty sure you guys can guess what happened. I had so many bookmarks that I could never get back to find what I had marked in the first place. I tried making folders to set things aside, but I couldn't really see them all in one place and not everything I marked was wedding related, so things like Daily Squee got mixed up with Project Wedding. Even more frustrating, was that I was going between Firefox and Sarfari at that time, so I'd have somethings bookmarked on one, and some on the other. Also, I couldn't get to my bookmarks from Mr. Giraffe's computer, which I use pretty often.

My obsessive anal retentiveness just couldn't take it anymore! After googling around for a while, I made a (free) account with Bookmark Tracker. Bonus: you can make your account private or public if you want to share all your bookmarks with your friends or your mom, depending on whom you hang out with more.

(Side note: If you make an account and try to use an ampersand aka a'&' in the user name, it'll give you an error message every time. This was totally frustrating until I realized that.)

I made a billion folders for all the pages I wanted to bookmark, and they're all show up in a row of perfect alphabetical ordered goodness.

(Screen shot of my bookmark tracker from here)

What's even better is that you can change the name of the link to whatever you want and also add a description (which helps when you have 15 links that are all titled 'wedding flower happiness' . . . just kidding).

I think the best part is that you can import your current bookmarks from IE or Firefox; that way all the perfectly titled folders I had all ready created and added to in Firefox, were created in Bookmark Tracker and I didn't even have to do way work! Hooray! No work is my favorite kind of work.

You can also choose to see your most visited bookmarks, or your new ones. Its terribly convenient, I assure you.

Has anyone else found a good way to keep your bookmarks organized? I would love to hear what ever else is out there!