Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The STD that Didn't make the Cut

One of my favorite comments I've got on a post was something along the lines of, "Wow - 3 posts about STDs and you haven't made a decision yet. If you don't make one soon, you'll never be ready by May!" It made me laugh because it's so true, but it also made me smile because, I swear, Mr. G says something along those lines to me every single time we're talking about wedding projects.

But, yes, it's true, I've talked a lot about STDs. Invite & STD inspiration posts are some of my favorite to read and follow (and I'm sure there's others like me) so, in the words of Mr. Mathers, I ani't quite finished yet.

Our actual Save the Dates aren't quite ready for their WeddingBee debut, but today I wanted to share an STD that didn't quite make the cut. Our wedding guests won't get to see it, but I wanted to share because this little guy grew on me for a little while. (That and I love following people's design processes).

I designed this at the point where I didn't want a magnet and I was obsessed with the 9#x4" size - and I was obsessed with that size for a good couple of weeks.

Mama Giraffe kept asking me why my name was bigger than Mr. Giraffe's . . . I swear, it just happened that way. I totally didn't plan it . . . Really. . .

Also, I feel compelled to point out that I have another version of this one where Shoes and Socks got replaced with Batman and Robbin. We probably would've gone with that one if we had to choose (But only because Wolverine and Adamantium didn't have the same ring to it . . . ).

I've actually made sure to save all of the designs we didn't go with just so I could scrapbook them later :).

Anybody else going through a million versions of their Save the Dates?