Saturday, November 27, 2010

Go, go, gadget colors!

Hive, I don't know why I haven't talked out this sooner! I should have blogged about this right away because this was the very first wedding decision we made - and, for me personally, one of the most important decisions!

When Mr. Giraffe and I got engaged, I was still in college, attending school to get my BS in art (with a concentration in graphic design), this means that those semesters of print making, art history, and that bit of color theory were all super fresh in my mind and I was dealing with color everyday. Color still plays a
big huge part in everything I do, and what I do every day.

As soon as we got engaged, I was over the moon about getting to pick our colors. In my mind, the colors set the tone for the whole day, and it provides a great way in which to tie all your wedding elements together.

I'm known for changing my mind constantly, or choosing something and then changing my mind at least a dozen times. . . But our wedding colors? No way! In a total uncharacteristic move on my part, I picked our colors and haven't wavered on my decision once.

So, what's it gonna be? Well, let me show you!

Mmmmm, a beautiful powder blue, chocolate brown, and accents of sage green!!! Wait, that needed more exclamation points; here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, right?! Amazing and totally perfect for a spring time wedding!

And because, I'm completely obsessed, here's our perfectly perfect colors set up a few different ways just so you can see how wonderfully they work together.

When choosing colors, I can't tell you exactly why, but I knew exactly what I wanted right away. I'm completely obsessed with brown so that was a given, and I always lean towards cooler colors so I think that's why I went with blue. I also associate it with being formal so that helps me set the mood I want, and -bonus- it's Mr. Giraffe's favorite color.

I knew I wanted a small color palette, just because my anal retentive mind couldn't handle organizing more than that. I wanted an accent color so I choose the green because it makes me think "spring!" and I love how it looks with both brown and blue.

What I didn't realize when making this (what I think is a) giant decision, is how hard it is to plan a brown and blue wedding! No joke! Blue weddings are either brown and tiffany blue (which isn't the same as powder blue, thankyouverymuch) or blue and black! (source 1, source 2) That Tiffany blue is everywhere! Who invited it here? Just kidding!

So, perfectly powder blue and brown may not be the easiest color palette to work with, but its one of the things I most excited about when it comes to the wedding, for serious.

Don't worry though, hive, we've found all sorts of ways to work our perfect shade of blue into this wedding business, but that is a post for another time!

Anybody else follow their color loving heart when it comes to their color scheme?