Friday, November 19, 2010

Engagement Photos (also called: Hot Giraffes & Cool Shoes)

BAM! I started off with that amazing photo to stun and take your guys' breath away! Got your attention now, don't I?!

Hive, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to share these with you guys. Get ready to be totally overwhelmed with amazement! I can think of a few words to describe our photos (amazing, wonderful, unbelievable, best ever in the whole wide world, love, love love), but words really can't do them justice.

All photos taken & edited by the wonderfully talented Ryan & Sara Miller of Miller+Miller Photography. I felt totally awkward going into our E-pics because I'm not used to being in front of a camera, but Ryan & Sara were amazing and despite the fact that I was whispering to Mr. G as our photos were being taken ("Are they looking at us? Our they taking the photo, now?"), they did an amazing job. Ryan did the shooting and Sara did some amazing art direction and really helped us look good in front the camera.

The Millers know their stuff, hardcore, and I would recommend them to anyone (especially others who are worried their total awkwardness will show through in their photos)!

Now, like I said, since words can't do them justice, I will let the photos speak for themselves!

I swear I tried to narrow them down, I really did. That might even be too many photos for one post; I don't know!

Anyway - I love them! I'm sooooo happy with them!

The Millers are amazing! Feel free to visit their blog post of us for to see more photos (or to give them love)!

Anyone else pleasantly surprised by their E photos?


Anonymous said...

The author tries to make a blog for ordinary people, and I think that this had happened.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the one of yall in the field of yellow flowers and the shot looking up at you guys from your shoes!