Monday, November 22, 2010

So, you wanna plan a wedding kid?

Yes, its true, when titling this post I was thinking of that Disney Hercules song where whatshisface was singing, "Well, you want to be a hero, kid, well whoopdeedo."

Anyway, thats not important. What is important? That I was born to plan this wedding!

No, seriously, I was. That's why I get so excited about wedding planning, I think. I was trying to describe to Mr. Giraffe about why I'm planning all these DIY projects and crazy things and I finally told him, "I think of this wedding as the biggest craft project of my life, and I love craft projects!" I do, I really do. I love crafts and have been a crafty kid all my life, which I think led to me going into a creative feild as a semi-grown up.

I may not have a craft closet, like Terry...

But I do have a ping pong table in my parent's basement that I scrapbook on!
What craft supplies are on that ping pong table? Well let me tell you!

Cricut and Cartridges? Check!
A ridiculous amount of 12 x 12 paper? Check!
A bunch of 8.5 x 11 paper and chip board punch outs? Check!

Tags, chip board, adhesives, and punches? Check!
Crop A Dile and a bajillion (of perfectly organized) eyelets? Check!
A paper cutter or four? Check!
Too much ribbon? Check!

I have a 5" Xyron Sticker Maker in there somewhere too. Mama Giraffe actually got it for me for my 13th birthday, after the scrapbooking bug had bit me, and it still works great! I've gotten so much use out of that thing!

Also, Mama Giraffe is even more awesome because she got me a much-coveted Cuttlebug for Christmas! Whoo!

Anyone else plan on re-purpose-ing their everyday craft materials for wedding-a-palooza?


Amber - DIY Weddings said...

Oh yes, I hear ya! My crafty life turned into a wedding crafty life! Love the ping pong craft table and wow, you have a great deal of paper, fun stuff.