Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Needing and Finding a Good Photographer!

In case you don't remember, let me remind you what kind of faces this Giraffe has in most photos, its something like this:
Suffice to say finding good photographers became pretty important to Mr. Giraffe and I as we became planning.

Finding a photographer started off as the biggest headache of all time. It's not easy folks. I mean finding someone that's talented and affordable shouldn't be so hard, but I was dead set on having a second shooter. We all know that that means upping the price a little bit, but I think it'll be worth it. I mean, the girls and guys aren't getting ready in the same place and I can't image giving up shots of the mister (because, of course, the photog would be with me) because we only have one photographer.

Anyway! This story does have a happy ending, because Mr. G and I have hired quite possibly the most amazing and talented photographers of all time.

Our photographers are the husband and wife team Sarah and Ryan Miller of Miller+Miller photography. Firstly, I'm not sure why, but the idea of having a husband and wife team photograph our marriage just make it seem that much more exciting. They're also super nice and super cool, and when I was super late to our first meeting because of Chicago traffic, they were totally cool about it.

I met with them once on my own, when Mr. G was down at school, and I was blown away. As soon as I saw their photos on their website, I knew we had to hire them. I was set on it. I was worried about meeting them, because what if, despite their amazing photos, they would be totally lame in real life? Well, luckily, I was wrong! Sarah and Ryan have a great sense of humor and enthusiasm about their work and, well, I can't say enough good things about them! As soon as I left our meeting, I called Mr. G on they way home and said we had to hire them! We had no other choice!

I know, I know, you guys want to believe me about how amazing they are. Well let me show you!

This couple looks like this normally:
But after Miller + Miller took their photo!?
Okay, okay, I'm totally kidding. Those folks look nothing like gremlins, and I'm sure they're good looking in real life, but Miller + Miller has some crazy ability that every shot they take looks perfect and all the regular people look like models. At first I thought they only photographed good looking people (which would not be a bad job, I think), but in reality, they're just that good.

Once I saw photos by the Millers, hiring them was a no brainer. Want to know why I'm seriously raving so much? Check it out, here are some auh-maz-ing photos from some E shoots by the Millers!
(all of the following photos are used with permission and taken by the Millers of mmfotos.com.)

Ahhhhh, I know, right?! Now you all see why I was so excited! And if you think those are good, just wait until you see Mr. G and I! I think our photography is one of the decisions I'm most happy with for our wedding because our photos will look amazing! Soooo yeah, call the Millers and tell them to shoot your wedding ;-) !

Anybody else ridiculously happy with your photographers? Please say yes!