Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another side to Mr. G

As much as I love Weddingbee for what it is (a wedding website); I also think its a relationship site too. I mean, I wouldn't be marrying Mr. Giraffe if I didn't have a relationship with him, and many girls (some guys too?) on the boards are either waiting to be engaged or are all ready married.

I had a super wedding-y post planned for today, but instead I'm going to talk a little bit about Mr. Giraffe's and my relationship.

You see, Mr. G is a music student teacher. He graduates in just a month (whoo so proud!) and all ready has a screening for an interview this week (everyone cross your fingers for him). He called me to tell me about the screening and, of course, I'm super excited for him, and hope hope hope it goes well. In my mind, I believe it'll go well because I believe in Mr. G, simple as that - it had nothing to do with my confidence (or lack there of) in him as a teacher.

I spent a Saturday with Mr. G at an extracirricular event for the Jr. High he student taught at and had a good time, but last night we did something a little bit different.

Last night I attended the "Second Grade Concert" for the middle school Mr. G has now been teaching at. Now, I know he goes to school every day, and we talk about it, and I saw him with the Jr. High kids before, but this was the very first time I got to see him as a teacher. I'd never seen him in that environment before.

It's kind of funny, if you think about it, because after 5 and a half years with him, I thought I knew all there was to know about my long-necked companion, but I was wrong.

I love kids, don't get me wrong, but I am never around them. I am the youngest of two and my youngest relative is only 2 years younger than me. Watching all those little ones pile onto risers as Mr. G got them all in order was a little overwhelming for me, and I was just sitting next to the parents with video cameras in the audience.

Let me tell you hive, it was such a joy to watch Mr. G. All the kids were on risers on a stage, and Mr. G was in front of his stage playing his guitar. When they sang a song about dancing, I watched Mr.G sway to the right as the kids watched him (and swayed with him, of course), and then sway to left and so on. Despite the fact his back was to me, Mr. G would turn his head to the side to look over all the kids, and I swear, I'd never seen him smile that big before.

I know he was smiling (partially) for the kids, but I could just tell he was happy. You guys know the feeling, right? When the person you love more than anything is happy, and you get that same warm, fuzzy, happy feeling in your chest?

Originally, Mr. G didn't even know if he was planning on going to college, and then when I met him at the beginning of college, he really didn't know what he wanted to do, and now. . . Well, it seems like now he is exactly where he wants to be. I couldn't be more thrilled with his decision, because it seems like he's really going to be doing something he loves for the rest of his life.

Not to mention the fact that watching him work with children makes me just so excited about how he'll be raising our own children (. . . must. . . wait. . . for babies).

I'm so used to seeing Mr. G as the "classically trained musician" who is quite the music snob, who points out pitches and melodies and all theses other musical things I don't understand. I'm not used to the Mr. G who calls me up to tell me about the little kindergartners he teaches three times a week (I asked him if kindergartners are even old enough to learn and he says they are).

I'm not surprised by this - I would say I'm more intrigued by this - but sometimes I feel like there is no possible way I could love G more than I all ready do, but then I learn something new about him, and I think my heart just has to swell to hold in all the love I have for him.

Everyday I'm with him, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and now knowing that's he's going to be happy with his future career choice. . . well, I feel just a little more lucky.

Anybody else still learning new things, after you've been with your person for a million years?