Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coming in a Bit Under-Average

There are somethings I would say I'm above average at, like y'know, making goofy faces, telling jokes, or sleeping. I would also say that there are somethings I'm average at like ummm not being angry in Chicago rush hour traffic, doing the electric slide, and getting stains out of laundry.

And, believe it or not, there are some things that this giraffe is under average at. I can think of two things for example. Number one, competitive eating, and number two. . . kissing guys before I get married?

Oh, I'm not saying I'm a bad kisser (and I'm sure that a certain Mr. Giraffe would agree ;-) hehe), but I'm talking about the number of people I have kissed.

I'm not sure I can 100% percent vouch for this statistic, seeing as I only heard it on the Mix's Eric and Kathy morning show, but I'm going with it nonetheless.

Are you read for this? Okay! The average women kisses 79 different men before she says "I Do."
Woah! Hold the phone here folks. Now, granted that this is all coming from personal experience, but doesn't that number seem kind of high? Like kind of really high? I mean, possibly ridiculously high? Naturally, I had to pause and count the number of guys I have kissed.

First, I have to drop a little disclaimer. I mean, I have kissed a few good guy friends on the cheek in my life time (the super awesome Best Man Nick comes to mind), but I didn't count that in my list because there was never anything romantic behind it.

Here's my list hive:

Guy #1 - This guy was actually my first kiss. We were together from uhhh 8th grade to sophomore year of high school. Granted, I don't know what this "together" means and I'm pretty sure we only kissed about 10 times in that whole period . . . but having a "boyfriend" at that time was cool, so I went with it.

Guy #2 - Once again we "dated" in high school for all of junior year. (to this day, I refuse to admit that it ever happened, its far too embarrassing to think about).

Guy #3 - Dated for a whopping 3 weeks the summer before my senior year of high school. I recall kissing. . . Ummm haven't talked to him since (thank goodness!).

Guy #4 - I actually look back on R fondly. . . we had a lot of good times and he was a super fun dude . . . and well, there was lots of kissing in my car in his driveway. . . Whatever, I was a senior in high school; it was cool. . . don't judge me haha.

Guy #5 - Mr. Giraffe! Looove him! Granted he did kiss me two days after we met, and that was a big deal at the time because he wasn't my boyfriend yet. (Hive, please disregard the fact that it should've have been a big deal that he had kissed me and I had only known him two days . . . or that we were exclusive only two days later. Ahhh, to be young again).
So that's it - no crazy hook ups, no making out in bars, never kissing someone I don't know (shh, Mr. G didn't count!), nothing out of the ordinary for this plain-ol-Giraffe, folks. Just a plain, under average, future Mrs Giraffe, this time around. . . but I'm perfectly okay with that :).

What's that phrase? You've got to kiss a lot of frogs?
I mean, I've honestly thought that I'd be under average here; I mean, I've always thought that having only kissed 5 people wasn't very many (Mr. G is at 3, if you're curious). . . but this makes me totally wonder about the rest of the world.

So hive, be honest, I won't judge; where do you fall on this one, above average, average, or under average?