Monday, November 29, 2010

Little People, Big Wedding!

Okay, I'm aware that this is ridiculously goofy, but I just have to share it. I mean, if the hive doesn't appreciate it, who else will?

There are a ton of kitschy/cutesy cake toppers that I - and such a ton of others, I'm sure - would love to have on their cake, like these Giraffes (of course) for instance:
I mean, really, there are a ton of things to top your cake with, and boy-oh-boy do I plan on blogging about it later, but for now I have one specific idea to share with you guys.

The other day I was in the grocery store and on my way to the pharmacy, walked through the one toy aisle in the store. I was kind of glancing at the toys as I went by, and y'know what my eyes stopped on at the end of the aisle?

Why, Little People of course!

You guys, this got me thinking. See, I grew up with Little People. For realises. I have many a memory of them from when I was a wee little Giraffe. Of course, in my day, they looked more like this:
Don't those little guys remind you of those mini people shaped cake toppers that are like Hansel and so hot right now? Y'know, like these guys:

So, right! I totally know they do! I'm sure you guys know where I'm going with this. . . You could totally stick Little People on your cake! It would be all nostalgic and adorable and hip and cool and pop and fresh!

This bride and groom clearly dressed for the occasion:

And this groom went out and got his beard all trimmed to look good for the big day:

And, well, I know some hive members like to include their pets on top of their cake.

You guys don't have to tell me; I know you love them.

Anybody getting a little silly with their cake topper?