Friday, November 5, 2010

Earrings makes me Look Bad

Okay, so did you all read this post by Miss Earrings?

If you didn't, here's the abridged version: She's super sweet and super nice and wants to get a super sweet card for Mr. E on their wedding day because she loves him and stuff.

A super sweet card like this (source):
See? She's just so nice and I bet Mr. E likes to snuggle her to pieces because of it :).

But what does it say about you when you buy your fiance this card?
Yup, its not for our wedding, but I saw that That's All card in the store and I it made think of Mr. Giraffe right away! So, naturally, I had to get it for Mr. G.

That image is of the flat card, but when you open it, the inside plainly reads, "That's all."

Pretty simple, and kind of exactly how I feel about Mr G. Mama Giraffe thought it was hilarious, whereas Daddy G didn't think it was very nice. Eh, I kind of like it ;-). What, am I being too honest?

Anybody else buy silly (and true!) things for their other half?