Saturday, April 30, 2011

But. . . I don't even Like Shoes

It is so easy to get wrapped up in wedding craziness. All these books, blogs, and TLC shows convince you that you need things (that you don't really need), and to be something (that might not actually be you at all).

I'll admit it, I've been sucked up in this a few times. You can't help it really; I read all these posts on the 'Bee about two shoed brides and fancy shoed brides and all kinds of shoes! The Bees who are writing the posts are always so excited, and those feelings come through the posts. And, well? I wanted that feeling. I wanted to be a bride who had shoe excitement. I really did.

So what did I do? I spent (or possibly wasted) hours of lunch breaks looking at shoes online, from sites like Zappos and Endless.

Such. Pretty. Shoes!! Calvin Kline via Zappos

The thing is, folks, I spent hours look at fancy heels - supposed wedding shoes - and I just got angry. Angry and grumpy and upset. I fell for how pretty and nice the shoes looked, but none of them looked like shoes I could wear, and none of them looked comfortable.

Confession time: I've only ever own two pairs of high heels in my entire life. One pair I bought for my highschool senior year Turnabout, which I wore just for photos and then promptly took them off.

The other pair, I purchased for our engagement shoot.
By the amazing Sara & Ryan of Miller + Miller Photography

Ahem, yes. Notice that photo? Yup, those shoes were more of a prop than anything. I clearly didn't even wear them.

Yes, they're adorable, and yes I spent a whole week trying to walk in them. Can't teach old dogs new trick? Probably! I had such a hard time trying to walk normal and not wobble, and after a few minutes my feet hurt, and, really, I just decided that heels are not for me.

I don't like shopping for shoes, I don't have fancy shoes, and even though I own three pairs of rubber rain boots and one super cute pair of black boots from Macy's, I wear the exact same Reebok gym shoes everyday to work, and wear one of my 5 pairs of Crocs on the weekends. Really.

I like the shoes I have, and I don't like buying new ones, and I don't like wearing fancy shoes.

What kind of bride is that?!

So, I moved on; I stopped looking at shoes online because it just frustrated me. If I don't like shoe shopping normally, why was I making it harder on myself? Why would I force myself to do something I don't like? Exactly my point.

A few weeks ago, Mama Giraffe and I were going out to lunch, and stopped into the DSW next door. She held up some fancy shoes that were on clearance. I tried them on, they fit, so I bought them for $14.00. Simple as that.

No, they're not sexy, but I can walk in them and I didn't spend a lot of money for something I didn't care about. I'm a-okay with that.

Not bad, right?

But, I do love gym shoes, and I do love to boogie down, and surely can't dance in my inch-two in heels, can I? So, seeing as I only spent $14 the first time, I was able to drop $45 on a pair from DSW for the reception. And yes yes yes, I LOVE them.

Now I'm excited!! Oh, and maybe how about some new shoe clips from I think that's also a giant Y-E-S!

They definitely look better on the side of the shoes, so that's how I'll be wearing 'em!

There you have it, hive. The story of one Giraffe who didn't feel bride-y enough because she got angry whenever she looked at fancy shoes? Well, that was quite a happy ending!

Two shoed bride? Reception worthy gym shoes? Let's hear it!


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