Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's ON, People!

Here's the thing, Hive: I have so much to tell you. I mean seriously. I'm such a bad blogger. I've been here since October and have yet to tell you about our wedding bands, our wedding venue, our officiant, the food (ohhh man, the food!!), our musicians, the cake, the 40 dozen pastries we're serving, our invitations, the millions of signage that matches our invites, the plus one conundrum (which isn't what you'd think), my dress (which I've purposely kept under wraps), Daddy Giraffe trying to buy flip flops, my shoes, the shower, my other shoes, the honeymoon, my list of bridal FAILs, and so so so much more. I've been too busy talking about my nails... oh, and speaking of which, I have more things to say about my nails. Look out for that.

Out. Of. Control.

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But am I blogging about any of that stuff today? Nope. Now, I'm sure that you're dying to hear about our wedding venue (which is quite important), but guess what? Welllll, it's time for the
That's right, team, we're counting down. Believe it or not, we're exactly one month until our big day as of today. I cannot believe it! As much as I want to share all the details with you guys (which I really really do), it seems like so much is going on that there's not time for that!

To top it off, I started a new job this week, which I absolutely love and have never been happier. For the first time in a year, I find myself relaxed and happy when I get home from work. I've spent the last year being stressed and frustrated so I am so glad that time is over. I also get to do the kind of graphic design that I've always wanted to do. And, yes, my new job is letting me take a (paid) week and a half off just a month after I start for the honeymoon. It's perfect, it really is.

My Giraffe and I have taken the first steps towards becoming (town)home owners. This is a big deal, but we're not talking about it, because we're still finalizing things, and I don't want to jinx anything. Let me tell you, the idea of a place of our own is almost too good to be true. After the wedding, I was planning on moving into the apartment Mr. G shares with his brother, so this is a very big deal.

And, of course, there's things that still have to bee (!) finialized fore the big day. I mean, programs, seating chart, escort cards!? Yeah, there's those for sure! I'm going to do my best to keep blogging (And try even harder to keep reading the Bee as well), but as time gets sparse we'll just have to see.
Hey good lookin', where will you be in a month? Oh giving smooches at the alter? Oh, okay then! Giraffe photo by friend V.

May 2011 girls, where you at? What do you have left on your to-do list? And everyone else - how was your last planning month, relaxed or stressful?