Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Giraffe Photo Display: Part 1

By now, you've heard about my wedding crush, and my crush inspiration. My inspiration (from friend Brooke who is so awesome for sharing - thanks, girl!) is something like this:

Photo shared by friend Brooke / Photos by Colin Lyons/E-Pics in Frames by Colin Lyons *

Lovely, right? I know. Now that I had the inspiration, and the OK from our venue that there would be space, Mr. Giraffe and I set our to find the perfect frames.

Hobby Lobby had frames that looked just like Brooke's funky fresh ones, and they were 50% off. Unfortunately, even after the 50%, they would still be $10 a piece which was a no-go for the Giraffes because that means I couldn't afford the 5-7 frames I wanted, and I didn't want to pay a lot for something I was going to paint anyway. I hit up some local resale shops, and found nothing.

Then, Rock Star Mama Giraffe suggested Marshall's & TJ Maxx! Jackpot! I found a ton of 5"x7" and 4"x6" frames all on super clearance for $2 and $3. I went to two different Marshall's and two TJ Maxx's. Both stores had the same frames, but this way I was able to get a bunch. I did buy a different clearance frame at Target also, for $5, because I wanted a little more variety.

Then I bought spray paint in our wedding colors. Tip: Hardware stores now have all the fun colors craft stores have. By going to Home Depot & Lowes, I was able to get paint for $4 instead of $6 at Micheal's.

First, I laid out the photos and stuck sticky notes on them so I'd remember which frame was which. As you can see, the bright, neon-y green color and icky off-white definitely makes them look kind of tacky - don't worry, it gets better!
Then, in the backyard, we set them in four different groups, one for each paint color: baby blue, light green, white, and a super sexy brown.
Mr. Giraffe is wondering, "Why are we painting those green frames green?"

After that, we simply started painting. In the end, they got a second coat after the first one dried.

Yes I realize that here, I am just about to paint a light blue frame another shade of light blue.

It was all sorts of fun, and despite it being warm for a Chicago day, I got cold which resulted in me putting on my winter coat with my sweat pants and making faces.
Almost done . . .

This is when Mr. G told me he never spray painted before. What?!
*All photos in this post, except for the first one, taken by Miss and Mama Giraffe.

Doesn't that brown just look good enough to eat?! It's such a beautiful color that my heart just skips a beat. Love!

Anyways, aren't you just dying to see how it all turns out?!! Just wait, it's ten kinds of fabulous!

Displaying photos at your reception? How?


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