Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Martha Inspiration

Okay, by "we", I mean "me". . .But anyways! Do you guys remember when I told you that I had to have cake flags? Despite the fact I knew they're totally unnecessary, I made them anyway?

Yup, this is another one of those kinds of projects, except it's so much more!

See, let's go back in time about two years. That's right folks, two whole years. Despite the fact that everyone and their mother (okay, well, my mother) told me not to waste time on a project like this when I had other more important things to do with my time (like uhhh get a marriage license), I did it anyway.

See, two years ago, I saw this unique little idea on the Martha Stewart Weddings website, and then I book marked it, committed it to memory, and promised myself that this would indeed be the ice breaker to end all ice breakers and people would worship Miss Giraffe for being so cool and creative, but only if they don't know Martha and check her website first. Soooo right, after all those promises of people worshipping me, I had to make it happen.

What crazy DIY project was I lusting after, you ask? It's just a coincidence that this other project I have to have also involves flags; Martha calls it the, Conversation Flag Starter. . .Although I named mine something else ;-).

Basically, it's a poster set out for your guests. It's made up of numbers that represent years, and your guests write their names on super cute coordinating flags and stick them into the year that corresponds to when the met you (or your Mister!).

Martha has a how-to on her site, and you can also download her Years poster there too.

Are you drooling over that poster as much as I am? Don't lie, I know you are! I don't know what it is about it, but I just had to have it.

You guys are going to love how we Giraffes made this idea our own. Martha gave us a great starting point, but I, of course, had to make some tweaks along the way.

What DIY projects did you had to have? Was it this one? Just kidding! How'd they turn out?