Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Giraffe Photo Display: Part 2

Don't worry folks, this is the last post about our photo display (until recaps, of course). I know that you've all been waiting patiently, so it's about time I shared our wonderful results.

Firstly, big big props to friend Brooke, who was nice enough to let me share the crush I had on her wedding and the inspiration it gave me.

I told you guys about the first step of our photo display where we bought new frames and spray painted them. I told you it was easy, but let me tell you that step two is ever harder. Step two would be choosing the photos!

Mr. G and I ended up with more photo frames than we had planned for. I wanted 5-7 frames, but thanks to Mama Giraffe heading to her TJ Maxx, we ended up with 10 (which is awesome). Since we had so many frames, we decided we could use all kinds of photos from the whole time we were dating. I mean, how fun would it be to share photos of baby Giraffes?

Oh man, I'm definitely just 18 here. I can't believe how time flies!

Okay, so that was the plan anyway. Why didn't the plan work out? Well, we decided we'd start by choosing a couple of our engagement photos first, because I all ready had them in my iPhoto library. The things is, though. . . we ended up choosing 23. It couldn't be helped! Our e-pics are just that good! It's funny because out of all those photos, we definitely have different favorites.

We finally narrowed it down, and of course our super fave rock star awesome photo of our shoes was the first to make the cut. I swear, one day I'm going to have a mega huge canvas (just like the Elephants!) of this taking up two thirds of my living room. . . And then maybe an identical one right next to it in the last third of the living room because its just that epic. (Get it, anyone? Epic? E pic? Hilarious!)
Photo by our photogs, the rock stars known as Miller+Miller

After we picked out our shoe photo, we had to narrow the rest down. We used the logic of using only one photo in each setting. For example, we each loved a different photo of us on the beach, but we didn't need two. We let the one that looked a lot like our save the date photo go because our guests have all ready seen something similar, and this way they'll get the treat of seeing our mugs in a different way.
Hey good lookin' - Fancy meeting you here! E-Pic by Miller+Miller

Of course, this logic didn't hold through for the whole process. We ended up with two photos of us in the field, and another two of us in our match Chuck T's (although they're both super different than the one above), but I'm okay with it! We ended up choosing photos that we really really loved, so who cares if they're similar? I'm so excited about the result.

Oh... and speaking of result, I know you're looking for it! Feast your eyes on these babies!
Personal Photo by moi, but all e-pics by Miller+Miller

Doesn't that brown just look gorgeous? I love it! The best part about spray painting, besides having the frames be in our colors of course? If you see the brown, white, and blue 5"x7" frames in the back, they're actually the same frame. By painting them, they all look different and I didn't have to buy other more expensive frames for variety.

All right, let's go full circle and finish it up with a budget breakdown (...I'm kind of curious myself).
1 4x4 Square frame - $3.24
1 3.5x3.5 Square frame - $5
4x6 frames - 3 at $3 each, 1 at $2 = $11
5x7 frames - 4 at $3 each = $12

Spray paint from Home Depot
Two at $3.44 =$7.36

Spray Paint from Lowe's
Two at $3.78 = $7.56

Ten photo prints from Winkflash (with shipping) = $2.44

Grand Total = $48.60 or $4.86 a frame which isn't too shabby! I don't feel bad about spending $50ish on this project, because it's one I'm so excited about! Also, I feel like it's totally worth it, because we'll get to take all of photos home and display them after the wedding. It's the gift that keeps on giving, yo! But really, every time I think about these photos, I just get more excited. I am so very very happy we took the little time to do this project, and even happier that I saw Brooke's photo first, because without her I wouldn't have done this. Hooray for everything!

What DIY projects are you super excited bout?