Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why I Love Washington

There are very few people in my life that can rival Mr. Giraffe for the amount of love I have for him. One of these people is Best Man Washington.

See, although Washington is easily Mr. G's BFF (although he refrains from using the term "bff"), I would like to point out that I knew him first. I met Mr. G a week after I moved down to ISU, but that whole first week I bonded with Washington who lived on my floor.
A very young Washington, back in '05

Washington attended ISU with us Giraffes (although he graduated a couple of years before us), and has since moved away from good ol' Illinois. Washington will be flying in all the way from, unsurprisingly, the sate of Washington for our big day.

I think wedding planning makes you really thing about your friends. I mean, at risk of sounding like something that rhymes with schimdzilla, in 20 years when I sit back while my flying car does the driving for me and I look at photos of our wedding, who do I want to see there?

I'm lucky enough to have Washington fly all the way in and stand up for us on our very big day. He is easily one of my favorite people ever, and I would do anything for him. When I lost my grandma, Washington was there for Mr. G as well as myself, during what was a very dark time. I'll never forget the summer I spent sobbing in my apartment because of my loss, and then going out to Chili's and laughing about something stupid that Washington said, and, yes, I'm sure he said those things just to make me laugh. He made me smile at a time when smiling was not easy for me, and I appreciate it more than he knows.

I think, as a bride, I'm lucky to be nearly as close to the Best Man as the Groom is. I don't think this happens very often, but it means a lot to me for sure. I know that Washington will have Mr. G's back for anything that day, and I know he's saving me a dance for that night (...I know because I asked him to.)

Recently, Mr.G flew out to the sate of Washington, to spend his bachelor week of skiing, climbing, and hiking with Best Man Washington, and he had a great time. I'm so happy he got to do that, because hey, every groom needs to have fun before he's tied down to the ol' ball and chain. (Just kidding!)

The Giraffes, Washington, and Washington's awesome girlfriend, Glass

But really, I'm really starting to realize how much it means to have the people you care the most about take part in such a special day. It's really pretty awesome, and despite the fact that last-minute-crunch-time is threatening to make me lose my mind, I know that I'll have a great group of friends waiting for me at the end of that aisle. . .Along with a pretty hip groom, who I'm sure will look rather dashing in a tuxedo.

Picking your bridal party? How did you decide?