Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outta Site!

Here's the thing, hive, I was totally anti-wedding website. I thought they were nice, but I didn't think people really needed them (unless you're having a destination wedding). . . I was seriously against them. I felt they were really just time (and maybe a little cash) that I didn't want to spend.

There. End of story.

Except. . . Except the Ostrich has one. And when she told us about hers, then I had to have one.

Gerbera commented on Miss O's post that she used Yola to create her wedding site. Gerbera was even nice enough to share her site with me (thanks!). It was like a light bulb going off above my head. See, I all read have a paid Yola account and 1 site through them. Funny story, if you have a (paid) account with them, you can make up to 25 sites. I also never used the credit they give you for a domain name, so I got that for free too!

Whoo! The only Yola downside is that you have to use one of their templates. Honestly though, once you begin with the template, you can then customize most backgrounds and headers (each template lets you know what's customizable before you choose it).

Here's my advice to you guys, because I kind of felt the same way. Don't be turned off by places where you have to use their templates or options. Yola's site builder is super easy to use and navigate so I was able to turn a blah template into something I loved. Part of me does feel a little silly creating a site so close to the wedding, but whatever. I'm more excited than anything else.

Here's where I started:
And here's where I finished:
With the customizable background, I was able to make a heart-argyle (heartgyle!) pattern in Illustrator and use it on our website.

Anybody else have a wedding change of heart about something?