Friday, March 11, 2011

Dish Envy

I'm going to start out disclaimer-style and let you all now that I'm 100% aware of how ridiculous this post is. I mean, seriously, I am out of control here. After you finish reading this, we don't have to mention it ever again. (Please don't mention it ever again?)8

You see. . . I have dish envy.

Yes, it's true. I had a wonderfully amazing shower recently (that I still have to share with you!) and I received so many awesome gifts. I was totally overwhelmed with generousity and I can't believe that people spent so much money on things for Lil Ol' Me . . . oh yeah, and the Mister, too.

Mr. G and I were lucky enough to receive all the dishes we asked for. Due to Mr. G having 8 Giraffes in his immediate family, and me having 4, we wanted enough dishes so that we could have everyone over at the same time.

Long story short, we registered for four 16 piece place settings and received them all. That's enough for 16 people! Woah.

I love our dishes, and I share them with you soon, but guess what happened? Yes, the dish envy.

I received a message from Eziba in my inbox yesterday showcasing the loveliest dishes ever.

Now do you believe me? Just lovely. Please, someone, go buy them!

So why am I sharing with you a set of dishes that I'm drooling over but not going to buy?

Here's why: Mr. G and I literally spent hours and days arguing over what dishes to register for. I swear, I've never been so mad at him, and he wasn't doing anything wrong, his taste is just different than mine. After a week of fighting, we finally agreed, and now I love our dishes and I love that we own the whole set.

Despite my dish envy, I'm not going to return all my new dishes just to buy those Ezibe ones.
And that, my friends, is I think my first almost-married compromise. Word.

No, chance are I really wouldn't take our new dishes back, but it's nice that I'm actually thinking of my future home decor as "our" future home decor. Pretty cool, huh?

You and yours disagree on decor? Did you fight it out? How'd you make it work?