Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fancy Cakes, Take Two!

You guys have heard that I need cake flags for my wedding. I have to have them, as simple as that.

I figured cake flags have to pretty simple to make, and they are. In fact, it was the easiest DIY yet! Ten points for the Giraffes!

To start, I needed to find the perfect blue paper. Here's a bit of advice for you guys. Scrapbook paper (at 12"x12") was $.59, and I couldn't find the right paper so I was going to get a big 16"x20" blue sheet of artist paper for $1.60. It was giant, and cheap, but it wasn't quite the right color, but I was going to get anyway.... until I walked past the poster board aisle and saw I giant super big piece of poster board for a whopping $.89 in the perfect shade of blue.

So I bought six.

Anyway, I headed home with my giant poster board and decided to get working. (Ps - I did all that shopping at Hobby Lobby, my Michael's only had neon colored poster board).

My poster board was so perfect, I took a photo for you all. Sorry about putting it on a laundry basket.

Oh... I also bought one other thing from Hobby Lobby.
Ah! Giraffe paper!

Anyway - here's how to DIY your cake flags.

Step 1) Cut giant poster board into 8.5" x 11" sheet.
Step 2) Print out your cake flag design on your pages. (I stole Cupcake's phrase. Thanks, Cupcake!).
Here's a tip, I printed blue dotted lines around each 'flag' so I'd know where to cut. I made the lines slightly darker than the blue board so it wouldn't be noticeable if I didn't cut straight (which happens a little too often). They're hard to see in the photo, so I put a giant red circle around 'em.
Step 3) Grab your paper cutter and scissors! I used my paper cutter to cut strips out, and then I used a scissors to cut a triangle out of the end, to make the flag points. This actually went super quick; way faster than expected!
Step 4) Dip one end of a toothpick (oh yeah, you're supposed to buy tooth picks first) into glue and stick your flag to it. I used regular ol' white Elmers glue and then lined up the flags on wax paper to dry.

I think most people cut out a long strip of paper and wrap it around the tooth pick so that both sides look pretty, but I'm too lazy for that.
That's it! It's that simple! And the finished product is so fun!
I love our flags! Looooove them! I'm so happy I took the little time it took to do this project. I think it'll cake our cake look just that much better. Overall this project only cost me a few dollars, and I think its totally worth more than that :).

Don't feel like making your own drink flags? Feel free to use The Giraffe's:

Anybody else rocking the cake flags?