Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gifts I didn't Give my Bridesmaids

There's been a lot of talk about bridesmaid gifts around late, like from the lovely Miss Jaguar and Miss Hippo. I always told myself, way back before beecoming a bee, that I would totally blog ablout this is the future because..

Well, because it isn't easy!

After I began shopping, the whole deal was pretty painless and I've got gifts I'm so excited about, but pre-shopping? I was not excited. Not at all.

See, all my girls (all whopping six of them) are all very different. How on earth do you buy 1 gift (because, of course, I wanted to do matching gifts), for 6 different people?

BM/FSIL T, & Junior BM/FSIL L, not pictured here... but the rest of us are!

I know, it's a hard question to answer. Here it is hive, the gifts I almost got, but didn't quite get for the Giraffe girls.

The Adidas Peachtree Watch! I own this watch in yellow, and it has a neon blue and purple face. It's both completely obnoxious and awesome. For black Friday (when I purchased mine), the Adidas website had the normally $50 watch on sale for $26. Serendipitous, I know. It was such a good deal, and I wear it everyday so I got my moneys worth for sure.

Why it didn't make the BM Gift cut? Well, I'm completely enamored with it's 80s style and super giant face, but it's definitely not everybody's style... Actually, I think all my girls would hate it ;-). Oh well, at least I bought one for myself!

The Etsy Clutch. You guys, I literally spent hours trolling etsy under searches for things like "wedding clutch" or "matching bridesmaid bags." Seriously, I wasted a ton of my life and I will never get those hours back. I could've been doing my normal etsy search of "cute animal cake toppers", but no, I was looking for matching bags. Lo and behold, I narrowed my search down to 22 and added them all to my etsy favorites.

Why didn't this one make the cut? Well, I'll be honest, I was obsessed with the idea of buying bridesmaid etsy clutches for a good year, but it got to a point where I was completely overwhelmed and stressed about it. I looked at etsy over and over and the same thing, and it got to a point where it was way too stressful (and etsy window shopping should never be stressful) so I had to let it go.

Long story short? I totally psyked myself out on this one, so I moved on.
Crocs for the Big Day. Some people hate Crocs, but I love them. I love them more than words can say. I own 1 pair of gym shoes, 2 pairs of rubber rain boots, 4 pairs of work shoes, and about 10 pairs of Crocs. BM Marie bought the same pair I had when we were in college so she could be just like me. I think my friends think I'm crazy, because outside of work, these are pretty much all I wear. I kept telling everyone I was going to buy white ones for my wedding day, and for some reason everyone is against it. I thought it would be amazing for myself and all my BMs to spend the day together in our matching (and awesome) rubbery shoes.

Why not, Miss Giraffe? Well, everyone besides me hates Crocs, I think. . . and I want to get my girls some they'll actually like.
Matching BM Robes. I realllllllly reallllly want to get my girls matching bridesmaid robes. It would give everyone something totally comfortable to spend the day in while we all get ready, and it completely practical because the robes can be used again and again. I would love to go the extra mile and find monogrammed ones or "i heart miss giraffe" ones.

Oh! And not to mention they're so stinkin' cute in photos!

So, what happened? Ughhhh. I didn't have this idea until after I bought everyone's gifts all ready, so I had no money left. If only I had seen it sooner! Oh well, a girl can dream!

Let's here it, hive! What gifts didn't make the cut?