Monday, March 21, 2011

Gifts I Didn't Give My Bridesmaids: Part 2

I all ready mentioned Gifts I Didn't Give my Bridesmaids, but then I realized I forgot to mention a few things! There were a few more things I really considered to give as gifts, and although it didn't end up giving them, I wanted to share them with you guys! Of course, I have great ideas ;-), so I thought you guys might be able to find some inspiration for your girls here!

Love Letters from Great Men - After seeing the first Sex and the City movie in the theater with 2 of my BMs, I thought it would be so sweet to give the book of love poems Miss Bradshaw had and Big later emailed to her. I love poems and love poems would be totally appropriate for a wedding-ish gift.

Why didn't this work out? Turns out the book didn't really exist. After the movie though, this book was created.

Matching Adidas Tracksuits - Yes, it's totally true, I wanted to pull a Sue Sylvester here. I thought it would be both hilarious and awesome if the Giraffe Girls and I could spend the day getting ready in our super cozy Adidas Tracksuits. I mean, they even come in our wedding colors!
So why didn't this amazing idea happen? I thought of it after I all ready bought their gifts. Bummer.
The Monogrammed Gift Bag - I was obsessed with the idea of getting super cute personalized bags to put the gifts in for the Giraffe Girls. It's so easy to order them in colors that match your wedding ones, and I think having your name or initials embroidered on a gift bag shows thoughtfulness.

Why not? Well, I thought it'd make more sense to put money towards a gift, not just a bag. If you don't catch the bags on sale, $18 really doesn't seem worth it.

... Secretly though, I'm still a little bummed that I didn't do the gift bags ;-).

So that's it, all the gifts I wanted to get, but didn't quite get for the Giraffe girls!

What are you gifting your bridal party?