Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Book of Giraffe Guests

Also known as the Guest Book.

You see, we're having a guest book as most weddings often do, but I'll tell you right now that its not as easy as you would think. To save time (and possibly my sanity), I've decided to buy a guest book rather than DIY one.

I was obsessed with the idea of a photo guestbook for a while, but my narcissistic self has all ready put our photo on all kinds of wedding things so we're going a little more traditional with this one.

Funny thing, being traditional about this is the one reason I didn't want do. You know why? Wellllll, a "traditional" guestbook really isn't my style. In fact, what comes to mind is something like this:Online shopping at / Direct link

It's pretty, but it's not me & Mr. G at all.

Obviously, something not my style would turn my off a little to the guestbook, but the amazing world of etsy, is once again turning everything around for me.

I've found just short of a bazillion options on Etsy for guestbooks. There are more standard guestbooks, customizable guestbooks, handmade journals that could double as guestbooks, and then some.

Now, the only hard thing to do is decide. Here's a few of the lovelies I've got my eye on right now.

Etsy / Grimm's Shop /Direct Link
Etsy / HelloShunshineDesign Shop /Direct Link
Etsy / ModernShabby Shop /Direct Link
Etsy / The Handmade Boutique Shop /Direct Link
Etsy / Grimm's Shop /Direct Link

There you have it, folks! Well, I did say "bajillion" earlier; I told you there was a ton of options. Clearly, I haven't made up my mind at all here. Oh man, I better figure that out soon!

Going the traditional Guestbook route? Where did you find yours?