Saturday, March 12, 2011

Old Navy Tank Dressse on Sale!

Hey all, just a PSA from you friendly neighbor Giraffe here.

Looking to stock up on cute goods for your beachy honeymoon? Because that's what I'm doing! You guys know I got a great deal on new swim suits, but I've been looking to pick up other things, too.

I've been wanting some cute/light dresses to wear over my suits or when lounging around, so today I'll be heading over to Old Navy!

That's right, Hive! Today, and today only, Old Navy Tank dresses are only $9! They're normally $19.50 so it's a great deal. They have 6 different styles, 3 print and 3 solid. You guys wouldn't jude me if I bought them all, right? Just kidding (... kind of).

old navy tank dresses

Stock up, Hive!