Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What to get...

For the couple that all ready has everything?

No, this post isn't about Mr. G and I, because we really have nothing, (and its too early for us to register) but I'm sure some couples do have everything! (Well, that and I feel like a goofy ridiculous non-serious post).

For the couple that all ready has all the towels, bed linens, and flatware they could want, here are my suggestions for their gift table. In fact, I've bet they've added them to their wish list months ago.

For the eco conscious couple trying to cut out the needless use of resources, how about a green gift? Like a Horsey Bike for their trip to work?

And maybe a furry message board? I mean, newlyweds love writing love notes, right?

Or maybe, a new cutting board for their new kitchen? I mean cutting boards are typically on registries, for sure . . . well, maybe not cutting boards designed to look like a MacBook Pro ;-).

What about the couple that travels together? Maybe a way to brighten up their future road trips? In that case, Car Lashes are definitely in order!

I'm sure that being newly married means you really can't get enough of each other, in rain or shine! This umbrella (ella ella) will surely keep them cozy!

More importantly, every couple needs to furnish their new digs! Newlyweds totally need furniture . . . like sofas. . . or sofas made of cement for their backyard.
After all those meals together as a couple discussing married life, surely a new couple will need something to make dishes fun?
How about that for some good gifts? Secretly, I would legitimately love to own a Horsey Bike. Would any one else secretly love a ridiculous gift?