Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Dance . . . ?

Despite the fact that I've actually never once felt like P. Diddy when I've just woken up in the morning, I haven't discovered yet if I'm flossy or not, and, to this day, I cannot tell you what a Hollaback Girl is, I'd like to think I'm pretty up to date with the music scene these days. I used to be an indie music girl, but the hour car ride two and from work for the last 6 months has had me listening to the radio and keeping up with the music that's popular now.

And truthfully? Sure, I love indie and folk music with all my heart, but I'm a closet Lady Gaga addict. It's true, I love her in all her Kermit the Frog wearing, meat suit goodness.
On the upside, most people know pop music because I assume most people, like me, hear it on the radio. We all know those songs you hear and you can't help but bob your head to them (re: Lady Gaga). This sounds like good news for this reception/party/awesome explosion we're holding 8 months minus one day from now.

The downside? Well, Mister Giraffe, being a classically trained musician and all, doesn't have the same affinity for current/pop music as I do. He doesn't quite feel the same way about Ms. Gaga as I do, and its been hard to agree on the type of music to play at said reception.

After a while, though, we did realize tat what we want is a big party, and there's a chance that guests won't feel like rocking out as much if they don't recognize the music. (And, chances are, if TB and I stuck to our normal indie/folk selection, people wouldn't recognize it).

So the plan? Well, how nice of you to ask, we're going to make sure to put our favorite songs on our "Do Play" list and then let the DJ take control and play whatever gets the people partying. This way, the songs that are important to us, and that we love, will be around for everyone to enjoy in between maybe a little Gaga, Ke$ha, or anyone else out right now. (Oh, and we also have plans for our "Don't Play" list also. . . take that Chicken Dance!)

The best thing about the plan? How eaaaassssssy it is to execute. Naturally, being the crazy planner I am, I had started to make our playlists like a year out, but that was all before we booked our DJ.

We're going with Spinnin' Discs (logo taken from their website) who were totally cool about meeting them, and who totally swayed me with their online planning tools. All we do is search through a database of a bajillion (approximately) songs, and with one click we can add them to the "do play", "do not play", or "suggested play".
See? Look at the screen shot of awesomeness! It's the most convenient thing in the world. Even being a couple that doesn't live together, and don't see each other every day, we can do this together by logging on the website. I can't get over how easy it is to do, and how nicely it works for us.

We didn't meet with our DJ specifically, but we met with Laura, the owner who was super helpful and sweet. I am completely confident Spinnin' Discs will do an amazing job, and no doubt that confidence comes from knowing any song change I make at any time, goes right to the source. No worries update updating and resending play lists (re: being annoying) to our vendor! Whoo hoo!

Going into the meeting, we weren't planning on hiring them just because they were $300 more than the other DJ we met with, but turns out they we're offering $200 off which put them right into our budget! That was a nice surprising seeing as I was all ready getting mighty tempted at the idea of online planning tools.

Oh man, I cannot wait to dance!

Okay... not that kind of dancing ;-) (from

Anyone else planning online? Which vendors are you doing it for?