Monday, September 27, 2010

STD Inspiration

I spent this weekend with BM Marie and GM Mike pretending to be a good bridesmaid ;-). Their photo package gives them an in studio E Session and Mar really wanted outside photos so I played photographer and we got some really great shots (I think). Don't worry, Mr. Giraffe was there too because I kind of dragged him along hehe. I don't think he minded.

We wanted to do the photos asap so that we'd have a photo for their STDs, which we want to get done soon because they're getting married on a holiday weekend meaning we've gotta send those suckers out soon!

That morning, I sent Marie* and Mike some STDs I thought they'd like to get them inspired!

I apologize in advance - I wasn't thinking about blogging for these so I don't have the sources listed, but I know a lot came from minted and Wedding Paper Divas.

Here's their inspiration! (Semi - Related side note: Mr. G and I have decided on a 'big photo' STD, if you were wondering, which I'm sure you were.)

Anybody else getting excited about STDs?

*Yes, I'm aware that I spelled Marie's name wrong here on those photos. . . not quite sure how I managed that one. I'd change it, but I saved them to Mr. G's computer on instead of mine so I can't change them right now. Oh well, you the point. :)