Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A big Hello to the Hive from up here!

Note: I've been accepted (yay!) as a blogger on the Weddingbee site. From now on, I'm taking up the name Miss Giraffe, and TB will now be Mr. Giraffe. Rock star super awesome!

Get it? Up here? Because giraffes are tall, even though I'm short? Hehe.

Anyway! Can you beelieve it? Beecause I sure can't! Oh man! I don't even know where to start. I'm so just beexcited (okay, I'll admit it, that one didn't work)!

I got the email from Pengy today, but due to there being only 5 minutes left on my lunch hour, I couldn't even figure out what to do with myself. I sent a quick text to Mr. Giraffe and BM Marie and got back to work for one of my most unproductive afternoons ever due to being distracted. Oh boy.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Giraffes.

Mr. Giraffe and I met a week before school started our freshman year of college at Illinois State, when we were just 18. It was love at first sight for this art major to that music major. In my dorm, a group of us from the art floor (floor 12) invited some kid playing guitar on the music floor (floor 11) to come up and play for us. He played guitar and sang for three hours and I was captivated instantly. I sat there watching him and knew that night that I had met the guy I was going to marry.

The night we met. Mr. Giraffe being his cool self, and me being my usual ridiculous self.

Two days later he kissed me.

A few days before classes began (and 4 days after we met), Mr. Giraffe joined my team for the campus dodge ball tournament. His hand got stepped on and I ended up with him in the ER. I had just met this kid, and I was on the phone with his parents at 2am trying to get insurance information.

Long story short, Mr. Giraffe, majoring in guitar, started off college with two pins in his thumb.

That and in the ER, he looked at me and asked why I had just told his parents that we were 'friends'. Yes, it took us four days to be 'exclusive', and we've been together ever since.

Here we are freshman year of college.

And here we are hanging out. Just kidding! (image source)

Since then, we've had an amazing ride! After being together 5 years we cannot wait to tie the knot! I'm here to represent the long engagement brides as Mr. Giraffe and I have been engaged for about 2 years all ready and still have another 7.5 months to go!

We're planning a 175 person traditional wedding, but with all our DIY goodness and my innate ability to hip and cool and pop and fresh, we're putting a modern spin on it. There are plenty of details to share, and to put a cherry on the top, a realllllly close friend of mine (the amazing BM Maire) is getting married a few short months after me, so you'll get to hear all my tales of being a bridesmaid as well.
Here we are a year ago at FBIL Ian's wedding . . . but something doesn't look right. Maybe I should fix it?

Why the Giraffes? Well, I couldn't really resist! The icon is so cute! And it just seemed perfect for me. I mean, I talk big, but I'm really just semi - awkward girl with my head in the clouds. And aside from those giraffe having their heads up pretty high, they do seem like awkward dudes, I mean with all those limbs, vertebrae, giant tongues, and such.

The Giraffes, sweaty and gross, this past 4th of July.

Hive, I'm happy to meet you and I cannot wait to share the beetails (yes, I did it again) of my big day!