Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An UGLY Proposal

Before I tell you about the proposal, there is a little bit of giraffe history to share, so put your feet up, relax, and lets hop in the (hot tub) time machine.

To understand Mr. Giraffe and I, you have to understand a certain someone else. A certain Uglydoll that is, an uglydoll named Babo (source).
You see, I bought Babo for Mr. Giraffe as a gift for Valentine's Day freshman year of college. He thought it was kind of funny, and kind of laughed it off. Now all Uglydolls come with cards that descirbe them, and I told Mr. Giraffe that I had bought him Babo because although he is not the smartest Ugly around, for what he lacks in brain power he makes up for in love. What a perfect Valentine's gift, right? I know!

I love(d) that Babo and Mr. Giraffe had grown to do the same. A little while later he surprised me with my favorite Ugly, Wage, (Babo's best friend who works at Super Mart even though Super Mart doesn't know he works there) and a Little Babo
(image source).

I'm going to be honest here, I'm kind of obsessed with Uglydolls. They kind of became "our thing" and sense then, Mr. Giraffe gets me an Uglydoll for every holiday/birthday/awesome surprise day/etc. It's become a full blown obsession, for realises.

My personal Ugly collection. The dark purple one in the front and the little bit of the hot pink one behind it? They're the first married Uglydolls! Hoorah! Try and count the 6 different Wages!

In fact, before I became Miss Giraffe, my weddingbee icon was a Wage. I couldn't help myself! See, he's adorable! (Icon downloaded from the old Uglydoll site)
In one of those quirky little things that couples do, Babo became quite the fun part of our relationship. I started sending goofy photos of the Uglydoll to Mr. Giraffe while he was at work, and Mr. Giraffe set him up in silly situations while I was in class.

Long story short, we have an warm, ugly place in our hearts for that stuffed animal thing.

So, in Mr. Giraffe's mind, it only made sense that this quirky part of our relationship, become part of his proposal.

That's the back story, now here's the rest.

I knew a proposal was coming, partly because I hate surprises and Mr. Giraffe knows this, and partly because I thought I had him all figured out.

My senior year of college, the two of us shared an apartment with 2 other room mates. The four of us were planning a cabin/camping trip for an upcoming weekend with a few other friends, and I knew Mr. Giraffe was going to propose that weekend. I mean, it'd be perfect, right? Out of town for the weekend and all?

Well, I came home Thursday at 12:00 from my internship as per usual, and had an hour until my screen printing class. Typically I'd change out of my work clothes, eat lunch, and then leave to walk to campus.

But October 23rd was different. I heard Mr. Giraffe call me into his room, and as soon as I walked in, I knew something was up. I mean, his room was clean, that was really suspicious. His bed was made, and Babo was siitting on top of it with a note that said "Miss Giraffe." Mr. Giraffe told me to read it (after mentioning that Babo learned to write), and I did just that.

It looked something like this:

Will you marry Mr. Giraffe?
Check one:
(Check box) Yes
(Check box) Yes

I look up from the note, all smiles, and turn around to see Mr. Giraffe behind me, on one knee, hold a ring.

After a moment, Mr. Giraffe says "Well?"

And, in a totally mature and well behaved moment, I responded, "You're not giving me a lot of options!"

. . . Mr. Giraffe has never let me forget that moment, and I admit, it probably wasn't the right response. I mean, both boxes said the same thing. What was I supposed to day?

So that's how it happened, at a small college apartment, just me, Mr. Giraffe, and Babo the Uglydoll. And you know what, hive? I wouldn't have had it any other way. I look back, and I cannot picture a more perfect proposal. It was a nice goofy, sentimental moment, and I love sharing the story. It's just so "us."

What about you hive, any quirky proposals? Or any other Ugly proposals?