Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Big 2-4!

So what did this weekend entail? I'll give you a clue: a new place, a full storage unit, my pick up truck, and TB's mom's van. Yup, TB and I worked all weekend to move him into his new place. It wasn't just work though, due to Labor Day, we were able to celebrate TB's birthday yesterday. The big day is actually today which double exciting, especially because now he's the age he'll be when we get married which seems totally unbelievable.

So, in honor of my main squeeze, my other half, my lovey, my bear, here are 24 things I love about my 24 year old guy.

To Mr. TB:
1) I love how silly you can be with me. I know you try to hide it when everyone else if around, but the fact that you make goofy faces at me secretly makes me smile.

silly kids here, circa 2006

2) I love you sense of humor. To this day, TB, I swear you are the funniest person I have ever met. No one can keep me laughing like you do.

3) I love that you always seem to be strong, especially when I am not.

4) I love that I can argue about comic books with you. I may not feel that Batman is as hardcore as you think he is, but at least we agree on Wolverine.

5) I love that you're so supportive, even when I don't ask for support. You're always there for me.

6) Even though I tell you I hate it, I love when you pretend to be me in conversations. I think its hilarious when you imitate my voice in that funny way.

7) I love that you know I'm secretly a crazy person, but you just humor me when I do crazy things anyway.

8) I love that we always get ice cream, even in the winter. And I love that you always know what I'm going to order.

9) I love that you buy me Uglydolls for every holiday... because you know how much I love Uglydolls ;).

10) I love that you're so smart. I'm going to be honest, when I asked you over the weekend about how planes worked and you told me and I said I didn't believe you? Yeahhh, I lied. I'm pretty sure you were right.

11) I love how talented you are. You are truly amazing, and it warms my heart to see you so happy with you're guitar.

12) I love that you always point out Helvetica to make me happy. . . even if it isn't always Helvetica.

13) I love how when I tell you things, in all seriousness, you still know the times that I'm not serious.

14) I love that I've told you things I've never told anyone else.

15) I love that you put up with all the crazy requests I make, even if they are seriously ridiculous sometimes.

16) I'll admit it, I love that you watch Say Yes to the Dress with me. No really, I love it.

17) I love that you love my family, especially because they're so important to me.

18) I love that we snuggle.

19) I love that we're going to get to spend the rest of our lives together. I can't wait.

20) I love that you were willing to wait because I wished to wait; not just anybody would do that and it makes you extra special.

21) I love that, despite the fact you weren't around for 18 years of my life, I cannot picture a moment without you.

22) Simply, I love spending time with you.

23) I love wishing you a good night and when you wish me a goodnight at the end of the day. It's nice that you're what I'm thinking of when I go to sleep.

24) I love your smile, the way you laugh, your determination, the sound of your voice, and how loyal you are to your friends.

Here's to you, TB, and I hope your 24th year, planned with so many events and milestones, is your best one yet!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me smile!