Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Minnesotan Perspective

I spent the last 3 days in Minnesota with family. We (myself, sister, mom, & dad) flew out Saturday morning, and flew back home today (Monday) afternoon. Sunday was grandpa's 80 birthday party and a whole bunch of us C's flew in from all over to be a part of it and have a little reunion. I saw the C cousins that I hadn't seen in a while and really enjoyed it.

Cousin Drew got married last summer. I met his wife for the first time this past weekend. Allison was really nice & sweet. Her and Drew got married with just their immediate families which is why I hadn't met her yet. The two of them are planning a second wedding and reception later this month. It's basically a chance for them to be with everyone and party and have the chance for a good time. Drew said its the reception they didn't to have, but they're just having another ceremony too. I won't be able to make it, seeing as a took a day off to go in for the 80th birthday party, but it sounds like a good time and it sounds like a whole bunch of the C family members will make it out there too.

They're having the shindig on the farm that belongs to one their college professors (where they planted sunflowers for the event), borrowing a tent from another professor (to which I said they were super lucky because those suckers are expensive), having a pig roast (they helped raise the pig to be able to roast it - although that's a big money saver I found it kind of sad haha), providing hale bales for seating that they plan to donate to the farm afterward, she got her red dress for $16 at her favorite thrift store, and the couple as well the guests that haven't made reservations, are welcome to bring tents and camp out after the party.

Sounds like fun, right?

We go into talking about money and Drew said at one point that they were hiring a cheap photographer and said, "Our budget for the whole thing is $2,000, and I know someone who spent that on just their photographer."

My response was, "Yeah, I know."

I didn't mention that I'm actually paying $2,400 for our (amazing) photographers.

What I did say was that, "I have photography experience and because of that, I know what I want. We're paying a lot for our photogs. We originally set a low budget and we raised when I couldn't find something for the original amount. Sure, I have to work a lot to pay for it, but in my mind it's totally worth it. And, really, I work hard for my money, and this is something I really want."

And you know what?
New cousin (is she my technically my cousin?) Allison totally smiled and said that that was great for TB and I and how exciting it is.

It's interesting how family members, who you would might worry would be judgmental about touchy subjects (such as weddings which everyone has an opinion on and money), and then they can surprise you and be totally cool.

On the other hand, I didn't judge her and Drew at all for having a different type of ceremony than TB & I and I am now totally excited for them.

Anyone else pleasantly surprised?
Also, on a side note, Minnesota is a super hip town, and I had to share a photo of myself on my uncle's boat on a ride on the Mississippi River.