Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Pre Wedding Chop

That's right, tomorrow night I have a hair appointment for a pre wedding chop! My hair hasn't been cut or trimmed for quite a while, so I'm sure my ends are spilt and gross so I'm happy to good bye to them, but honestly. . .

I'm a little nervous! Like I said, my hair hasn't been cut in a long it. It's long, like super long. Super long, in a way, that I have to get it cut because I've been shutting it in the door of my truck and zipping it into my purse.
There's a recent photo of my putting French bread into TB's car. It is clipped up a little, and it is all wavy, but it typically reaches my lower back. It's down to my butt!

It is kind of tough to go through with because everyone always comments with "wow!" and "such pretty hair!" and, secretly, the vain part of me loves the attention.

I will be following my favorite motto of 'go big or go home'', I think, because I'm planning on cutting off a good foot. Yup, there's that nervousness again.

At first, I was totally against the idea of getting a hair cut, no matter how much I wanted one, because I was worried I then wouldn't have any options for a wedding 'do. I finally realized that I would still have plenty of choices, and if my hair stays the same length, I'll loose a good 2-3 hours on the wedding day trying to have it put up. It's just too much hair; too much thick thick hair!

I did though, purposely wait until after our e-pics for a cut. This way, even though I might have short(er) hair in our actually wedding photos, at least I'll have some of my super long hair (that TB loves, but that I can only recall wearing down twice in the last month and a half).

So what am I thinking? (from
Yeah, a little layered, a little hip. I could totally rock that. And although I'm still totally freaking out about cutting off 4 years of hair, I just remind myself that I waited so long to cut it it (aside from laziness) so that I could donate it. Someone will benefit from this chop, so that makes me a little more excited. I never had hair long enough that a cut made the cut (har har) for donations.

I know everyone does the post wedding chop, but anyone do a big chop before the big day?