Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mari-Oh snap!

(side note: I never really joined the "oh snap" trend when it was popular, and feeling like I missed out, I'm now throwing back to the early '00s)

So I had a nice, moderately interesting post about Mr. G an I and transitioning from a long distance relationship to short distance relationship for last night, but I fell asleep on the couch with a computer on my lap. My bad, but oh well :). I still want to get into that, but today I have something that's way more exciting than hearing me talk about myself (even though it might be my favorite topic).

It all started with me seeing a photo of wedding cake with a Goomba on top (pictured below), a la Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. After that, I couldn't help but wonder about Mario themed wedding cakes. I showed it to the future Mister, and Mr. G instantly wanted our cake to look like a Goomba, and I had to start looking into Mario cakes.

Yeeeaaaaaah, well apparently, that wasn't the only one! Yup, apparently the rest of the internet feels the same kinship to Mario & Peach's relationship as Mr.G does. Ready for this? There's no way not to smile after these!

Now, firstly I have to mention to use caution when sharing these with your groom. I mean, I love Mario as much as the next guy, and I grew up with him, hung out with him, and feel pretty close to the Italian plumber. I do, I really do, but I just can't see him at my wedding. I mean we only can fit so many people at our venue and he'd probably bring Toad which would be another plate to pay for. That being said, after Mr.G saw the Goomba cake, he would looove to have Mario at our wedding. Knowing him, he'd probably bring Luigi, Boswer, and Baby Bowser (and we're not even inviting children!). . . at least we could invite Yoshi? I always love that Dino since Super Mario came out on Super Nintendo.

Firstly, let's start with the Mario cupcakes! Can't get enough of these! (source 1, source 2, source 3, source 4)

I know, right?! Faaaaaantastic! But, really, we're not really cupcake people. Have no fear though, Mario cakes abound! Foooor reals, yo! (source 1, source 2, source 3, source 4, source 5, source 6, source 7)
Anybody want to jump on this next cake?

I can barely stand it! These are so amazing! Works of art, I tell ya, works of art! So you want to know what my favorite is? This baby!

You want to know why I love that cake the most? Is it because of it's crazy detail, like the Bloopers in the water levels? Maybe. But I love it because of the side cakes made to go with it. AUH MAZ ING!

Ohhhhhhhh man! These cakes just make me so happy, but to be perfectly honest, if I was going to have a gamer cake at my wedding, it would have to pay homage to my favorite little guy. (image source)
Anybody else totally geeking out with your wedding cake? Because if you are, I might seriously love you for it.

Ohhhh okay, one more for the road! (Source: Cake Wrecks, but I don't have the original post link).

We're not having a Mario cake, but somebody has to! Are you?