Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll admit it . . . I'm bad at waiting.

What's that you ask? Waiting? Well, waiting for our engagement shots for sure! It hasn't even been that long, and its our photog's busy season, and they had to shoot a 2 day super busy Indian wedding the day before we had our shoot.

At the end of our day the wonderful Millers were all "It'll be a few weeks until your photos were up."

And you know what I said? Do you know?!? I said, "That's cool. No rush."

No rush?
. . .
No rush?!?

What was I thinking?! I should've reminded myself that secretly I'm a crazy person. We all know its true. After seeing a few photos view the screen of the Miller's camera as the day went on, I just know our photos are amazing. And I'm dying to see them! I can't take it anymore! Ahhhh! Seriously, I need to pull myself together.

At least I know it'll be worth the wait!
That's a screen shot of all the 'coming soon' sections on the Miller's website. Oh man, I so excited I can barely stand it!