Friday, August 6, 2010

A gift for the Mister

Mr. Giraffe! If you're reading this: go away! This post isn't for you; I'm the one that's supposed to ruin surprises, not you!

Is he gone yet? Good.

I had to change the title of this post so I certain long necked cohort of mine wouldn't be tempted to read on, but
the title of this post should have been "Cuff Links!" so I could make the following joke: This is a post about cuff links with links to the pages!! Cuff Links! Get it?! Get it?! Oh man, I'm hilarious!

Anyway! I'm determined to get Mister Giraffe some cuff links for the wedding day. I think it'll be a fun little surprise gift, and I read somewhere (I don't know if its true or not) that rented tuxes don't come with cuff links and apparently you need them for your tux? I don't know, I've been too busy looking at photos of dresses to even think about TB's tux. (image source)

From what my friend the internet tells me, cuff links are not just ugly and for old dudes anymore. In fact, they can be surprisingly hip. Now, of course, this makes the links ridiculously exciting, but it also means more choices. Naturally, more choices means a tough decision, which, like always, is destined to be my downfall. I struggle so hard with making s decision between two (slipshod at best) choices, let alone 10 really good choices!

Alas, I digress, this was supposed to be about Mr. Giraffe for once. . . kind of. . . :-D

Anyway, I can tell you for a fact that Mr. G has not thought about cuff links yet. I know this because #1) he's never mentioned it and #2) he's so not a details guy that I can't even picture him thinking about it.

What's that you say? Bring on the options? Well, what a coincidence, seeing as I was about to do just that. After seeing a photo online from a wedding and following the link, my search began at which had a crazy amount of cuff links to offer, most of the following come from there. Check the sources for specific sellers. (All images come from seller's pages, links can be found in each blurb).
This set warmed my heart because not only does it looker super chic and appeal to the out-of-nowhere-totally-uncontrollable-tradition-side-of-me, but the idea of our names and wedding date just seems so sweet. We're not the sentimental type of folks, but this could be really touching and I think Mr. G would appreciate it. We often play scrabble or invite friends over to play so this would be a cute nod to one of our past times. Our initials would be a nice touch too, but I guess scrabble doesn't play that big of a role in our lives. Grab this set here. Okay, admittedly this set has nothing to do with Mr.G. I just have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies, and I swear to you that that obsession grows in size as the supplies' size decreases. Once again, this set has nothing to do with Mr. G, but as a typographer, the idea of vintage typewriter keys totally has me squealing on the inside. It'd be a cute way to keep us together on W Day (as we affectionately call our future wedding day). Even cuter than that? I could probably find the tab key on cuff links and TAB are Mr. G's initials.This set would be appropriate seeing as I used to refer to Mr.G as Superman when we first started dating, but, alas, I am a Marvel girl through and through and I just can't find a place for DC comics on a day as important as the day of my wedding.

Classic and to the point. I adore the simplicity of this set and the letter forms are equally as beautiful.
TB and I are most certainly Macs, and Mr. G always has been. He's a Mac nerd at heart. This set here.
Mr. Giraffe loves video games more than me! Kidding. . .I think. . .(maybe?) . . .and I'm pretty sure he'd rule Hyrule if given the chance, which is why this little Link (a Link link?!?) would be perfect.
Love this! But then I'd have to deal with even more decisions about what locations to choose! Gah! Maybe where we met and where we're getting married?
These are almost perfect. Not only do they look super suave and hip, but y'know whats inside those there links?! Bass guitar strings! Mr. Giraffe majored in guitar in college, and is currently student teaching so he can become a music teacher. Music pretty much rules his life, with his guitar (well one of the five of them) at the center of it. The only problem with this is that Mr. G is a definite guitar snob. Seriously (I know, lame, right?). I don't know all the deets, but I do know he is a classical guitarist so he uses nylon strings (I can't believe I remembered that!), not whatever those bass ones are made out of. He'd probably like the idea of those links, but have a hard time setting his snobbery to the side to wear them. Lame sauce.
Ahhhhhhh! These are bananas! They're Lego men, on cuff links! Greatest idea ever? Quite possibly. I love Legos, you love Legos, Mr.G loves Legos! Who wouldn't want these?! It's very very tempting, but they'd be a little larger than the other options and I can just imainge them sticking out in every formal photo of our now-turning-super-traditional-but-hipster-at-heart wedding.

What about you guys? Anyone else recently discovered hip links and totally can't decide?