Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How is this fabulous?

So today in my inbox, I found another email I've subscribed to from weddingchannel.com. Frankly, their emails are starting to freak me out, just because each day they simply tell me how many days are left until the wedding (a fact which I'm trying to ignore because there is just too much to do).

Anyway, today's email linked me to 'new fabulous hairstyles' which I decided to check out. Now that my hair is 13 inches shorter than it was last week, I have to seriously restart the wedding hair hunt. . . or start it at all actually.

I made it through 11 of he 25 new hairstyles before deciding that today way not my day to look at hair, well not after the "open loop ponytail" anyway.
Uhhhhh yeah. . . . That's kind of why I got my hair cut originally. It was too long and it my way so I'd just twist it, ball it up, and put an elastic around it. My hairstyle would be what I would affectionately call "the hair lump." That's kind of what I feel like that open loop pony looks like. It doesn't look chic or wedding-fancy at all.

I still have no idea how I want to wear my hair on my wedding day, but at least I'm getting closer to knowing what I don't want ;-).