Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What was I thinking?

If you're planning a wedding, I'm sure there have been times where you feel a little crazed/lost/confused/stressed/oh and other good adjectives too.

There's been times recently where I pause and in a panic induced moment start to wonder, what the heck was I thinking deciding to plan a wedding?!

I never ever thought I'd be a stressed bride. I mean, we've been engaged for over 2 years. There has been plenty of time to get things done . . . When I was engaged an unemployed, I thought I had all the time in the world, but after getting a job, the last 9 months have flown by and I haven't had nearly enough time to work on the wedding. The fact that Mr. G and I work different schedules and live an hour apart make things worse because it's all ready pretty difficult to just spend time together, let alone run around and meet vendors and give them checks.

I know it's not, but getting everything done is starting to feel impossible. Where did this feeling come from? Well, over the weekend I got a call from the bridal dress shop that said if my bridesmaids didn't order their dresses by the end of the week, that they won't be in in time for the wedding.

Ah! Trying to avoid the crazy that was threatening to come out, I let the 3 girls know who hadn't ordered their dresses yet. It hit me for the first time, that we're just a little over 4 months out and as the lady on the phone said, "In bridal time, that's like like time at all!"

I thought it was plenty of time! The thought that it's not it going to make me either throw up or wet my pants.

Secretly, I've sometimes thought about just sneaking away and eloping. (

Of course, I know that that would be silly. I can't picture anything besides this big ol' traditional crazy wedding so that's what I'm going to have! I just need to relax and remind myself that things will work out, and, what really matters is that I'm marrying Mr. G.

How did you guys keep it together when planning? Anyone else going into panic mode?