Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Trouble in the Tux Deparment

Hive, I'm going to freak out, but before I do that I feel like I have to clue you in on the back story here.

Where to begin? Well, Mr. Giraffe is totally a stud muffin, if you weren't aware. He always looks good, in whatever he wears, but it's mostly jeans and T-shirt. One school he subs at, lets him wear that exact thing, or else it's dress pants I got him from Gap (on sale!) and a button down shirt. Suffice to say, Mr. G is a pretty casual guy. (And by casual, I mean awesome.)

Mr. Giraffe in his casual clothes, doing his favorite thing ever.

From the start, we decided our wedding would be pretty formal - not super formal, but way fancier than normal for these Giraffes. I (or we? not sure) decided that the groom and company will be dressed to the nines in tuxedos. Mr. G doesn't dress up much (or ever), so I naturally got pretty excited about seeing Mr. Giraffe turn into a Mr. Fancy Pants.

Way back, early on in our engagement, I went to bridal show with a fashion show at the end. And that's when it happened, folks! Yes, you are correct. I fell for a tux. See, Men's Warehouse was showing off their brown tuxedo. In the past, I always thought brown tuxes were cheesy and lame, which is unfortunate because our whole wedding is based around brown and blue.

But I was so wrong. They're suave and dashing and debonair and, most importantly, fancy pants. (source)

See? It's perfect! My girls will be in brown and blue (more on that later), and can you images a black tux next to them? No way! Out of all the tuxes Men's Warehouse carries, there is only one brown one, but, like I said, it's just perfect.

So what's the problem you ask? Well, Mr. G wasn't sold on the brown tux, and at 4 moths out we need to get this figured out, so we stopped in at Men's Warehouse this weekend. He liked the tux too, and I was all ready to jump for joy . . .

But Mr. G looks up from the book of tuxes and says, "These are all made of wool. My mom is super allergic to wool."

You mean the mom you have to dance with? The mom that will hug you? The mom that will line up for pictures with you 3 brothers all in wool tuxes as well?!?

Commence freak out!

So what are my options? I have no idea. Men's Warehouse has 2 polyester tuxes, but they are all white, and Mr. G will not wear a white tux. All of the suits at Men's Warehouse are made of wool as well. I called Black Tie Formal Wear, and after some looking, they called me back and said that all the rentals are wool, but Mr. G can buy/order a polyester tux for ~$125

I know Mr. Giraffe won't use a tux again, most likely, so buying it is out. I also don't feel right about asking the groomsmen (some of which have to fly in for W day) to purchase a tux the won't wear again (they're casual dudes, too). What about having them wear a suit that they all ready own? Well #1 it might be made of wool and #2 none of the guys, including Mr. G own a suit, and that would be way too big of a purchase to ask for.

I'm freaking out hive, and I really don't know what to do. Mr. G is going to have to go all Emperor on them and show up in his birthday suit, and just tell everyone he's in fancy duds.

Hive, help! Does anyone have any suggestions? Pretty please?